The value of a £600-800 London escort

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This is something that we get asked quite frequently actually. However, we don’t mind telling you that it’s not usually by those who can afford to book these girls. No disrespect meant here by the way, it’s just that those of you who freely pay this kind of fee to an escort, don’t exactly worry about money. You do however concern yourself with value we’re sure, so it’s with this in mind that we owe you some form of explanation.

What’s the worth of a high-end escort?

It may not be the explanation you’re expecting however. Because it becomes increasingly difficult to describe just what these women are worth. Some people value their high class girls by what they look like. Tall, slim and beautiful ladies, with a nice shape. Long legs, big boobs etc. you get the picture. But then we’ve seen (and indeed we represent many) girls who are half the price that look just as good. So it can’t be looks can it?


The other main way in which some people define their escorts as high-end, is by what they do. Or to put it another way “what services”. We quote there, because it’s a common enough question. However, we would like to hastily point out that we don’t really know, and to be honest with you, we don’t much want to. You see what we were saying when we told you that you may not be satisfied with out explanation? Services is such a vague thing to ask about really isn’t it?

Need we really point out that just because a particular girl enjoys doing various things, that she may not actually enjoy doing them all the time, or indeed with every person she sees? So, this is why we don’t concern ourselves with that sort of information. It’s so highly subjective, that it would be like predicting the future trying to tell a client exactly what one of our escorts will or will not do!

A closer definition

Those women who are on the website advertising their companionship service for £600-800 are exceptional women. We could go on and tell you that they are: charming, sophisticated, elegant, cultured and highly intelligent, but to be honest these are just words that will never encapsulate the entirety of an escort. And to be honest, they get used so often these days that they are beginning to lose their value.

All we can tell you for sure is that these girls set their own fees, so they are clearly very confident of their worth, because… well, they’re getting the work! And allow us to be quick to add that we never get any complaints from a client booking them. So if the client is clearly happy spending this money on one of our higher priced companions, when he could quite easily book one at half the price, they must have something he’s eager to experience. It’s much more helpful to see your high class escort experience as a unique experience for you and you alone. Simply because another’s experience will be so very different. If you consider your booking to be worth it… well, that’s a good thing in our book!


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