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27 November 2017

Things to do after sex

Let’s start by saying that we’re not talking about sex with a London escort shall we? We don’t promise or condone that in any way. No, we’re talking about sex in general, with whomever you want. As long as it’s consenting sex, all sex is good with us! This is a fun article, but it’s also designed to give you some ideas too. Some guys genuinely don’t know what to do post sex! It’s not something you really think about. With a long term partner it’s much easier, but what do you do if you haven’t known her for long?

Our ideas for after sex activities

Not that you’re going to have that much energy of course! We use the word “activities” really quite loosely. And as ever, our ideas have mostly come from our London escorts. They’re one of the best “focus” groups we have access to!

  • Talk about what you’ve done! It’s not so unusual you know. Many couples, regardless of how long they’ve been together, decide to do a little “debrief” if you will. It can also be quite amusing and confidence building. Presumably you’re both feeling happy after sex, tell each other what you liked about it, and pay attention to telling her exactly what she did that you enjoyed. This way, you’ll guarantee that she does it next time!
  • Eat something. This is a good one if your conversation has died a death. Perfect for new lovers. Go and grab something from the fridge and bring it back to bed, so the both of you can enjoy it. Not only will you be filling your mouths, and have something to talk about, you’re also replenishing calories burned during sex; thus allowing you to have another go when you’ve finished!
  • Speaking of which. There are those that believe that you simply shouldn’t look for another activity. You should simply continue to caress and stroke each other until… well, until something comes up, if you get what we mean. This is perfect for a new partner too, you’re going to want to explore everything she’s capable of and what she likes to do best. So keep going!
  • Cuddling and talking. This is a winner if you’re trying to snag the woman in your bed. If it’s a one night thing, don’t bother. But if you really want to impress a potential partner, this is something that women love. Oh boy, do they love it a lot! If you show them your emotional side and they like it, they’ll sign on the dotted line!

Talk to a London escort

If you want more information about what to do post sex, you might want to ask a London escort directly. Out girls are well used to giving relationship tips and advice. And besides, if you’re at all anxious about a new woman in your life (or anxious about anything at all really!) a London escort will certainly ease your troubled mind.

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