Top Five Hotel Suites

The top five hotel suites in London town

We know that when you stay in London you like to stay in style and it’s for this reason that we decided to write you a little piece about the top five hotel suites.  We must say, however, from the start, that this is just our opinion.  We wouldn’t want to push anyone’s nose out!

Granted, we realise that booking a hotel suite isn’t what everyone can afford, and some of these will be way out of most people’s price range, but just the term “suite” reeks of style and opulence.

  • The Oliver Messel Suite.  This suite has its home at The Dorchester and is widely considered as one of the best in the city.  It’s a stylish place to stay and plenty big enough to entertain guests too. However, we find it a little too vintage looking and the décor isn’t really to our taste; alright if you like that sort of thing of course, but we prefer something a little more modern.
  • The London Suite.  The Intercontinental ticks all the boxes for design, décor and comfort in our book.  This place is huge, it’s mostly open plan and the views are terrific.  On top of this comfort and style you can also have your own butler should you wish it.
  • Pavilion Conservatory Suite.  This beautiful hotel suite is at The Berkeley and it’s one of our favourites.  The reason for this is that the suite does indeed have its own roof garden, terrace type affair going on and it’s really a marvellous place to entertain a number of guests if you’ve got a spare four grand a night to stay there!
  • The Brook Penthouse.  Claridge’s is well known around London for style and class, and this suite doesn’t let down that fabulous reputation. It's designer furnishings and light, spacious and airy rooms give you a feel of a real stylish home away from home.  With your own butler thrown into the deal, you can stay here for around five grand a night!
  • The Royal Suite.  Yes indeed, this is the Royal Suite at The Savoy and anyone who is anyone in the world of fame and fortune has stayed here at one time or other.  It’s strange to think that members of the Royal Family may well of stayed and entertained in this suite as well as rock legends like Mick Jagger!  This place is one of the most expensive in the city and one night along (not that you could book just one night) will cost you near on £6,000.

Our pick

Our pick would be The London Suite at The Intercontinental, simply because if it’s a modern design, its spaciousness and lack of pretension.  This is only our personal opinion of course, and you might find that some of our girls have very different opinions about the hotel suites they’ve stayed in.

With the festive season drawing closer and closer why not give our hotel and booking advice for Christmas a read.


Speaking of girls you might want to invite one of our lovely escorts to spend some quality time with you in your hotel suite (or room wherever you may be in London), or perhaps even spend the night with you?  Simply give us a call and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements.

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