Tourists are welcome at Park Lane Escorts

Attractive model escortEscorts for tourists

We’re not one of those agencies that has anything against tourists, we should make that very clear indeed. Yes we have many regular clients who live and work in and around London. These gentlemen are the staple customer base that keeps our agency alive, and keeps the girls happy. But there’s a lot more to a successful agency than just making sure the locals are alright.

In fact, tourism brings us quite a lot of business. Not everyone goes on holiday to London with their families you know, or as a couple (even though we’ve had a few couples booking an escort!) No, it’s a popular holiday destination for single males too, who know that they can book high class escorts any time they like and go out and have a lot of fun in our fine city. London is one of the most happening cities on earth at the moment, which would more than account for the fact that it’s also buzzing with escorts!

Concierge Services for Tourists

Whilst it may not be something that we advertise often, or even profess to have fully worked out, we do know London. And this means that if you’re coming into town from overseas or elsewhere in the UK and you want to have a good time, we can point you in the right direction. We’re happy to take care of whatever you need us to take care of actually, all you have to do is make the call and tell us who you want to spend your time with whilst you’re here and what you were thinking about doing. We can come up with some great advice on shows, casinos, restaurants, hotels and more if you so wish. And obviously we know the location of all of the escorts that work with us at the agency, so we can let you know if you’re close to an incall apartment or not, and advise you accordingly. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an incall apartment right around the corner from your hotel? Or close to where you plan to have dinner? Nothing nicer than taking a girl out to dinner and going back to her place for a night cap.

So, now you know you’re just as welcome as our regulars and those who live in London, give us a call the next time you’re on holiday in London. Make your holiday one that you’ll never forget with Park Lane Escorts!

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