Two experiences for the price of one

Brunette £300 London escortTwo escort experiences

It’s one of those things we don’t often write about, simply because the vast majority of you are always happy with the service you get from us, and indeed the London escort you visit, or have visit you. This brief post is to remind you that there are girls on the website that are cheaper than the high-end escorts we usually represent.

Can you handle two escorts?

We’re not even talking about a London escort duo here (although these can be arranged with specified girls – call for more information), we’re talking about having two separate bookings. It’s not for everyone, but we would like to champion the idea to you a little. What we’re talking about it booking a couple of escorts close together. Like if you have a day off and you’re in London, book one in the morning or afternoon, and then one late at night or something. There’s nothing like it we can assure you.

Some of our clients only come into London for short periods of time, like a few days. And what they try to do is see as many girls as they can in the time they have. Nice idea isn’t it? Sometimes if they’re here on an overnight trip, they’ll book a girl for when they arrive in the afternoon or some time close to that, one late at night after they’ve had a night out with friends or colleagues and then one the following morning or afternoon before they have to leave. That’s cramming three girls into a short business trip. Not always easy, or indeed affordable, but a lot of fun none the less. We can help you with all the arrangements and bookings of course, as always!

Your wallet says no?

The thing is, obviously not everyone can afford to book three or four escorts at £600-700 a time! We know that there are plenty of you who can of course (and we value your business a lot!), but there are those that can’t. This is why we always try to get a few girls in the gallery that offer their services for a little less. Still not cheap you understand? We simply don’t represent cheap London escorts, we never have, and we never will. We’re talking about those that are usually half the price of the high end girls. These escorts offer their services at around £300 on average per hour, and we happen to think that this is pretty good value for money.

So you see, you can have two £300 London escorts, for the price of one £600 girl. And why not try seeing them both on the same day? You can compare your experience, and we can pretty much guarantee that both of them will be something to remember!

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