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Stranger things have happened! We don’t profess to know much about the financial markets to be perfectly honest. All we really know is the London escort business. However, we do know when people are spending money and when they’re not. And in our experience this has often been a good indicator as to when it’s a safe time to make a new move financially…

We’re not joking either! We suppose it’s the same as the restaurant business, or any other hospitality industry in many respects. If business is bad, you’re not likely to be getting a lot of work. It’s the same for high class London escorts of course. And the beauty of these girls is that a large percentage of their clients are professionals who work within the financial sector. So it kind of goes without saying that if high class London escorts are doing well, the markets must be pretty stable, or even improving!

Check CNBC

We noticed that CNBC did an article on this only a few days ago. Granted, it’s an American site, but the premise is the same. If the escorts are doing well, business is booming! Turney Duff of CNBC really does use the high class escorts of Manhattan to judge what’s happening on Wall Street! When Duff asked the escorts regularly consulted about whether she had sensed any problems from her Wall Street clients, this is one of the replies he got:

“…There's not much difference between this year and last year, but I have noticed more guys wanting to party a little harder…”

We suppose that if they want to “party harder,” they can’t be too worried about their financial future! So you see how it works!

Our high class London escorts

You’ll find our girls to be very bright indeed, but don’t get any ideas about them actually knowing any inside market information. You can of course ask them how business is, and make your own judgements from there, but for heaven sake don’t blame us if you make a bad decision! They’re not lucky charms and your financial future isn’t a betting shop!

That said, the London escorts we represent can do a lot more for you than simply give you an indication on current financial climate! These girls are talented beyond believe. So talented that they’ll leave you not worrying about any of that nonsense. All you’ll be thinking about is when you can next see them. We suppose that they could well be your ticket to financial ruin in many respects. But then it’s up to you to exercise a little restraint if you can’t afford it, right?

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