Waiting for a girl (escort) in Earls Court

Waiting for your Earls Court escort

Hell, we’re betting you guys spend your lives waiting for women don’t you? It could be your wife, your girlfriend, or perhaps it’s always an escort? At least when you’re waiting for an escort, you’re either waiting in your hotel room, or you’ve arrived early for an incall appointment. Today we’re going to talk about a few places you could kill some time in Earls Court whilst waiting for your booking.

Byron Burger

This place is just by the station. You turn right when you come out and it’s literally a few yards down the road. We like this restaurant because it’s friendly, not pretentious in the least and they leave you well alone when you don’t need them. The last time we were there, we saw a waiter three times: once to take our order, once to bring it back, and once to bring the bill! It’s the food that’s best of all however. We have this on good authority from our London escorts too, not just our own opinion. The burgers have to be some of the best in London. You have to try this restaurant. They do light bites too, and you can have a beer.

Earls Court Tavern

The Earls Court Tavern is a little down the road from the station. You turn left to get to this place. We like The Earls Court Tavern because it’s cheap and cheerful (well, for London anyway). It’s a friendly, good old fashioned British pub. Plenty of seating inside, and the food is standard pub grub, but very tasty. Great selection of beers too. Oh, and it’s not far from some of our Earls Court escorts either! Perfect for a quick pint before your booking.


If you want coffee in Earls Court, there are plenty of little coffee shops and cafes dotted around. You just have to take a walk down the high street to see them. You’ve got the standard Starbucks and Costa etc. but we prefer the independent cafes that have a bit of character.

So, now you’ve got a few ideas, you won’t be worried about turning up early for your Earls Court escort, will you? All you have to do now is choose which one of our lovely young ladies you’d like to see. We’re afraid we can’t help you with that, it has to be up to you! If you have any questions however, do feel free to call us and we’ll do our best to answer you.

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