We are not responsible for your affair!

Hot blonde classy escortIt's not our fault!

We just thought it prudent to put up a brief blog to explain to you, and anyone else, that we are not going to be held responsible for any troubles you may encounter from seeing one or more of the London escorts we represent. This also goes for any women who may be reading this post. If you have a husband or partner that has been seeing London escorts, we are sorry you find that unacceptable, but this isn’t something we have any control over.

We are not about to stop doing business because someone’s marriage is in trouble. That would be simply ridiculous. Whilst we do screen the girls we represent to a certain extent, we are not afforded the luxury of checking whether ever client that books through our agency is single!

You made your bed, you lie in it!

It’s the truth gentlemen, we’re sorry to say. Just because McDonalds is on the high street, it doesn’t mean you have to eat greasy burgers every day for lunch does it? In fact, those of you who are experiencing troubles with your partner, probably put more thought into what you eat than where you seek your female company! We certainly aren’t judging you, that’s for sure. We rely on your business and we’re more than happy to book dates for anyone who wants to pay the fee. As long as you are 18 years old or over and you know what you’re doing, you are free to book the companionship of any one of the beautiful escorts we have onsite at any time.

The single man’s luxury

If you’re single, Park Lane Escorts is indeed your playground if you can afford it. You don’t have to worry about your girlfriend finding out about your escort habit, because you don’t have one. So there is no guilt, no shame, not even a thought when you book a girl. And to be perfectly honest with you, we feel as though this should be the same for everyone, whether they are married or not. Life is for living.

Our personal thoughts on monogamy

We’re all entitled to our opinion, and this is ours. Whilst we do feel genuinely sorry for any man on this site who has “been rumbled,” or indeed any woman who is discovering what her husband has been up to for the first time, we do happen to believe that monogamy is just a societal construct, imposed on people to establish some kind of order to the world. We don’t think that two people are naturally meant to mate for life and stay together forever. And it would appear that we are correct too. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so much separation and divorce in the world would there?

Our discretion

Our discretion (full details listed on homepage) goes without saying. We are an incredibly private agency that protects the identity of it’s clients and girls alike. We would never divulge any information to anyone about your bookings or enquiries. And this extends to any woman looking for “evidence” of her partners betrayal etc. You simply won’t get anything out of us. For one thing, we don’t keep our communications with our clients anyway, so even if we wanted to share any information, we couldn’t!

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