We don’t need a recommended gallery

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In short, when you have an agency like ours, with such amazing escorts, you don’t need a recommended gallery. This is because we wouldn’t list a girl it we don’t recommend her. What really is the point in listing a girl at your agency, if you wouldn’t recommend seeing her? None of us would pay up to £700+ per hour to spend time with a woman, no matter how beautiful she was, not if the agency couldn’t recommend her!

All our escorts are recommended

We make very sure that any girl who wants to be listed with us, fits our strict criteria. We also ensure that we meet with them. We do this primarily to make sure that the pictures they have sent us are actually pictures of the girl, but we do check a number of other things.

We try to discern what type of personality they have and how they would suit the needs of our clients. We often have people in mind when we meet new escorts. It’s really very nice when you meet a girl that you know will be perfect for a particular, regular client. We make very quick (sometimes harsh) judgements upon meeting a prospective girl. Everything from how they dress, to how well done their eyebrows and nails are done are incredibly important. Because you need to understand that to some clients, it actually is all about looks.  They may require/desire a particular look for a particular time among other things. It’s an escort agency’s job to ensure that their client group has a good choice of suitable young ladies.


Service is something we can’t and won’t recommend girls for. Whatever a young London escort does on one date, may well be very different to what she does on another to start with. So to recommend an escort based on services alone is unhelpful at best.

However, we do trust our regular clients and we will always listen to feedback in order to discern whether the girl is good or not. So we will recommend an escort based on this most basic level of feedback. If everyone she sees has nothing but wonderful things to say, we are happy to recommend her based on this and what we learn about her for ourselves. You can’t beat a client recommended escort, especially when she has the Park Lane Escorts seal of approval too. That’s one amazing woman!

Now all you need to do is choose one of our beautiful young companions. We are certain that you will have an amazing time!

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