What VR suits tell you about relationships

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If you’re sitting there thinking to yourself “what the hell are VR suits?” then you’ll appreciate what we have to tell you. There is a serious undertone to this article however, and it’s a damning reflection on how we are playing out relationships with one another as a society…

What is a VR suit?

To begin with “VR” stands for virtual reality. A VR suit is a literally a suit that you wear that enables you to experience sensations on your body, based on a virtual reality. Now you’re sure to know where we’re going with this right? We’ve always been into porn as a nation of course, but this is the next stage. These suits have been developed with the express intention of simulating sexual experience. That surprise you? Well, it doesn’t really surprise our London escorts!

We don’t know all about the suit to be perfectly honest, but you can read an article about it here. We imagine that the suit is connected in some way or other (no doubt wirelessly) to the VR headset, and the action through the headset is then emphasised onto the body. Basically, you watch porn and feel the sensations through the suit.

London escorts are not surprised by this innovation

When you run a high class London escorts agency like Park Lane Escorts, you begin to see patterns and trends in bookings etc. Over the last few years more and more men have made the choice to book escorts for company. As a society we’re reaching a point where we’re simply not happy to maintain relationships any longer. However, we do still require that all important human contact – physiologically speaking of course. So as we evolve into a species that no longer needs to live and subsist with members of the opposite sex, we are left to simply satiate our carnal desires and social requirements.

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Well, you know the answer to this don’t you? You can get yourself all trussed up in a VR suit and watch your favourite porn for pleasure, or you can enjoy the company of a London escort. It’s best to “keep your hand in,” so to speak isn’t it? You never know when you’re likely to speak to a girl and want to ask her out on a date are you? And if you’ve been spending your time in a VR suit, you’re likely to soon forget just how to act around women. Of course the only way to keep your hand in the game properly, is to book the very highest class London escorts you can find…

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