What Do You Really Know About Escorts In London?

What do you know about escorts?

Well, luckily for you, we are in the very privileged position of being able to tell you a little more. Park Lane Escorts have represented some of the finest escorts in London over the years, and we continue to do so…

Let’s have a look at what you already know, or of course what you think you know. Escorts in London are hot! Yes, make no mistake about that. They’re in London. They like eating out in all the nice restaurants and staying in the best hotels. They always look good, they’re always impeccably dressed and they’re always charming beyond belief. That’s what you know.

Now let’s take a closer look at escorts in London

The most important thing you get to know about escorts in London, is that they’re human just like you. So many people put them on a pedestal and have unrealistic ideas about these women, you wouldn’t believe. They eat, sleep and shop like the rest of us, they just probably do it in a little more style. For that is indeed what they’re used to. But just because they’re used to dining at The Ritz and ordering room service at The Dorchester, it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate everything life has to offer in the same way as you and I. And don’t put them on a pedestal and be intimidated at all. Believe us when we tell you that the escorts in London that we represent, would much rather you were your charming self around them.

Some things you might not know

You may not be aware that a number of escorts in London are actually students. Yes, it’s true. And it’s not just their academic studies they need to concentrate on, in many cases they’re also working on their English language skills. They’re very talented indeed when you consider it like this. Not many of us can profess to be able to study for anything anymore, never mind learn a new language on top of it!

You may also not be aware that there are a select number of escorts in London that actually have other careers, some of which are quite high profile. You will often find these escorts in member only areas on agency websites however, or else with their faces blurred out. It’s perfectly understandable of course. These women that escort alongside their regular career are all pretty much guaranteed to do escorting as a means of enjoyment and pleasure.

They have plans

Just like the rest of us, escorts in London have plans. You work all your life for your retirement package, the house in the country and whatever else you have plans for. Well, you can bet your bottom dollar that these escorts do the same, apart from one important difference. They enjoy what they do! We couldn’t resist that, sorry. We know you work hard. Some have plans to travel in their later life, some have ideas about starting their own business, and some are international models and just want to make their fortune while they still can. There are a thousand stories, and they’re all just as interesting and as involved as your own.

Time some time to get to know the escorts in London. Book one now!

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