What exactly do you think high class is?

Defining High Class

There are dozens of definitions when it comes to “high class,” and its time we put a stamp on just what it means in the high class escorts community, in order to separate the phrase from anything else.

You see, in our industry, “high class” has nothing to do with social class, privilege, etc. or whether you own your house, have a butler, or drive a sodding Bentley. Not in our world it isn’t. It’s not even anything to do with beauty when it comes to high class London escorts. In fact, it’s a lot more to do with attitude and professionalism.

You see, there isn’t really any connection between what the escort industry terms as high class and what others term as high class. Attitudes don’t have anything to do with what is and isn’t high class in the rest of the world. In that area it is all about whether you have to work, and whether you’ve inherited your home rather than bought it etc., and it is about where you dine and what you drive. There’s nothing wrong with this of course, and we have a great respect for the upper classes (obviously!), but it’s important not to get the two things mixed up when you look closely at London escorts.

High class escorts are superior

In reality, high class escorts are all about superiority when it comes to other escorts. We don’t mean this in a “stuck up” way, if you’ll pardon the choice of words. Again, it’s down to attitude and professionalism. We’ve been among this community of beautiful companions for many years, and we know that there is a distinct difference there. It’s not something we have had any part of creating of course, it’s just that we’ve recognised two distinct groups and we have chosen to represent only one of them. We choose to represent this particular group of girls because, they don’t only possess the right attitude, they’re also more reliable and dependable than any other type of London escort. It’s much less difficult chasing around after high class London escorts, trust us, we know!

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