What exactly does “high class” mean? And what are high class London escorts?

High class is basically anything that’s considered high standard, quality or social class. You will all have your own definition of what high class London escorts are, but we’re going to dispel a few myths…

Let’s get this straight from the start. High class, doesn’t signify high price. You won’t always find high class London escorts charging the earth for their time, they’re high class for very different reasons. They don’t have to exploit the fact that they’re gorgeous and great company, by charging extortionate prices for their services, and you will find that those of a better standard won’t. They don’t get into the industry to make a quick killing, they get into escorting because they enjoy it, and they enjoy the lifestyle it affords them. Therein lies part of your definition, in our professional opinion.

Defining high class London escorts

Obviously we are privy to some inside information when it comes to this level in the escorting community. We know what type of client books high class London escorts, we know what type of places our girls get invited to and we know how often the girls work. This puts us in a somewhat privileged position when it comes to defining them.

  • Classy clientele. It’s a fact that high class London escorts get booked by classy clients. Again, this isn’t because the “classier” clients can afford them, it’s because they know the difference in quality.
  • Where they go. Classy girls go to classy places right? It kind of goes without saying that high class women go to high class places. They simply wouldn’t get booked if they weren’t able to hold their own in the finest restaurants, hotels and events in the city.
  • How extensive their wardrobe is. Alright, it may not seem that important to you, and you could argue that any class of escort could buy fancy clothes. However, what escorts would buy the very latest in designer clothes if they were not getting book to accompany the classiest of clients and go the very best places?
  • Regular clients. Elite and high class escorts have a number of regular clients, who book them time and time again because they’ve had a great service. In our eyes, this is one of the most defining aspects of a high class companion.
  • How often they are available. You will find that most of the escorts at Park Lane are available most of the time. However, these high class escorts don’t do booking after booking after booking. There’s only so much that they will do in a given amount of time. This shows a certain class, simply because the girls don’t ever want to overdo it and not be 100% ready and committed to their clients. If they were doing too many bookings they would be tired, and a lot less happy perhaps. You will find most high class London escorts, regardless of their agency, will never overbook.

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