What is love anyway?

What is love?

Do you really know what love is? Well, our high class London escorts have a pretty damn good idea about what it is, and we are here to tell you it has nothing to do with anything you see in the movies…

And what’s more is that it’s nothing to do with any “squishy” feelings you may have, or even the feeling that you can’t stop thinking about someone. And do you know why? Because some people can feel that way about pizza for Christ sake! If you want to give that devoted feeling you get for another human being a name, what we and our London escorts are suggesting is, you think of another; and one that can’t be applied to a myriad of other things.

Happiness comes in small doses

We like to think happiness and love are very closely linked; especially in this day and age. Getting a pay rise makes you happy. You love getting a pay rise. Getting laid makes you happy. You love getting laid. These are facts gents, but they simply can’t be equated to that nonsense you see in the movies. Now, this is certainly something our London escorts know more than a little about.

We know that you love high class London escorts, but we know you don’t “love” them. It’s not like most of you would whisk them off their feet and marry them is it? Hell, even for the wealthiest among you, that would be an expensive leap of faith we’re sure, and a very hefty bill in the courts when you told your wife! No, we know the difference very well, but what’s wonderful is that we’re pragmatic about it and we specialise in the temporary love service!

Temporary love with London escorts

Yes, that right. In the say way as you love good coffee, you love staying in The Ritz, or you love Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, you “love” our London escorts. And we are great at it. Mainly because our London escorts have that modern day philosophy, they know how people feel, and they know what people want. They are happy to entertain you any time you like, in any place you like (within reason!) All you have to do is give us a call…

Check out some of the classiest “temporary lovers” in the world now!

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