What is So Bloody Special About Mayfair Escorts?

Special Mayfair escorts

If you haven’t booked Mayfair escorts from Park Lanes Escorts before, then we suppose this is a reasonable enough question. But just the mere fact that the girls we represent in Mayfair reside there, really should be enough to tell you that they’re special!

We’ll let you into a little secret. It’s all about style chaps! You’ve either got it or you haven’t, it’s as simple as that really. And the Mayfair escorts we list have it! We could indeed go on and on all day about why we think they’ve got it, we could share stories about them, we could even share reviews with you, but the truth of the matter is that you’ll never believe us until you’ve booked one.

What we will tell you, however, are the three things it takes to become one. This isn’t a recruitment drive for Mayfair escorts by the way. They usually come to us, we don’t need to do campaigns to find them. A truly good Mayfair escort will know the agencies to look for when it comes to their representation. This is something they take very seriously indeed. And to tell the truth, you won’t find really good Mayfair escorts registered at loads of different agencies, all at different prices; it doesn’t do wonders for their credibility!

Mayfair escorts essential attributes

  • Obviously, they have to be beautiful. However, this doesn’t mean they have to be stunning in the conventional sense. Meaning of course, just the same as every other young model on the cover of vogue. No, Mayfair escorts have a certain “je nes sais quoi” that sets them apart from the rest.
  • They have to have style. A style all of their own. They shop expensive, and they know how to dress. They’ll look their best at all times, whether you visit them, or whether they visit you. They’ll never dress slutty, or to attract too much attention on an outcall, and they will always respect your wishes, should you have any when it comes to their attire.
  • They have to be bright! Kind of goes without saying really, at a high class agency anyway! Mayfair escorts should be well educated and able to converse comfortably on a variety of different levels.

So you see, Mayfair escorts really are a breed of their own. But, as we said earlier, you have to book one to believe the difference. You may have paid a lot less for escorts from other parts of the city, or indeed from other agencies, but you’ll certainly recognise where your extra money goes when you’re in the company of a real genuine Mayfair escort.

If you yourself would like to apply to become an exclusive elite Mayfair girl at Park Lane Escorts simply submit a registration form with all the required information, as well as what you think makes you right for high class companionship.

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