What makes us a high class London agency?

High Class escort agency

It isn’t simply the girls that make an agency a high class London escort agency, there’s a little more to it than that. We’re going to give you a little indication about just what it takes to run a successfully agency, and they perhaps you’ll be in a better position to make a more informed choice when you’re booking your company in the future…

High class London escort agencies are always honest

This goes without saying really, and this covers two main points:

  • Genuine, fake free representation. We operate a totally fake free policy at Park Lane Escorts. This means that our high class London escorts are exactly who they appear to be. You see a picture of one of them on the website, you make your choice, and the same woman turns up at your door (or alternatively greets you at her door of course!)
  • Regularly updated profiles. There are a number of London escorts at Park Lane Escorts that have been with the agency for a long time. We insist that they keep their pictures up to date so that they can give the most accurate image of themselves to their potential clients. We are never very happy with a girl if she has changed even the colour of her hair and failed to update her profile images. We are very well aware that many of our clients like very particular physical characteristics on their companions, and it’s very disappointing to find that the girl you have chosen no longer looks like her images on the website.

Incall and outcall services

It’s not necessarily an indication of a “high class” escort agency, but it’s certainly indicative of a properly run agency. There are a number of websites out there that only offer outcall escorts, and to be honest, they’re not the best, and they don’t have reputations anywhere near as impeccable as ours. A good, high standard agency, will always ensure that they can offer both incall and outcall services.

Wide choice of prices without being cheap

Yes, high class London escorts are often expensive, but a high class agency is always best if they offer a varied choice of prices. At Park Lane Escorts we have beautiful young escorts starting at just £250 per hour, and going upwards to £600 an hour. It’s entirely subjective as to which girl you choose of course, and we don’t have a lot of control over the prices the girls decide to set. What’s important is that we don’t just represent all girls at the same high price. High class London escorts are not named as such because of how much they cost remember!

Listens to their clients

And finally, a good high class London escort agency will always listen to their clients. If there is absolutely anything amiss on your booking, you are encouraged to call us at the first opportunity so that we may sort it out for you. This is an incredibly rare occurrence of course, but any agency worth its salt will always listen to their clients.

So you see, it’s not all about how classy the girls are. They’re really not what makes an agency high class. You have to be on the ball with your service and stay on top of what’s going on in order to manage a successful high class London escort agency…

Now go and browse the girls and have some fun!

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