Mayfair escorts are doing this summer

Mayfair escorts of summer

Summer in London! Ah! It’s simply lovely. And we don’t need to tell a discerning gentleman such as yourself that the summer is made even better with the addition of high class Mayfair escorts! The girls are all a flutter at the moment about all the cool stuff that’s going to be happening in our lovely city. It’s not always just about Mayfair of course, but you can always be excited about what’s happening in this very fashionable and affluent area of the city!

So what’s happening in the city?

“Summer in the city!” They’ll be gorgeous young women sitting in the park wearing next to nothing, people will be dangling their feet in the fountains, and they’ll be crowds and crowds outside the pub!

  • Open Garden Squares Weekend – 18-19th June. You don’t have to be a horticulturalist to appreciate a nice garden, but of course it might help. If you love the summer and you love London, you’re going to appreciate that more than 200 gardens are going on open up to the public across the city. Look it up gents, and maybe take one of our Mayfair escorts for a nice weekend walk.
  • ArcelorMittal Orbit Slide. Opening on June 21st, that giant red monstrosity in Stratford that you never thought had a point, finally gets a point. From this date it’s going to become a giant slide basically!
  • Sundance Film Festival. From 2-5th June the Picturehouse Central Cinema in the West end will be host to this wonderful event. Celebrate the Silver Screen with Mayfair escorts too if you like. They’ll be showing some classics and no doubt unveiling a few things to get excited about.
  • Sunset Safari at London Zoo - 3rd June – 15th July. Might not be something you’ll do on your own of course, but isn’t it just the perfect way to spend an original date with a pretty girl? And if you can’t find the right girl, you can always book one of our fabulous London escorts. Two things are for sure, you can count on them turning up, and you can count on them ensuring you have a fabulous time.

We would have harped on about the Notting Hill Carnival and those kind of events, but we’re betting you’ve already heard enough about that, and it’s something that’s always on and virtually everyone has been to. So we thought we’d mention a few lesser known events and attractions. Our Mayfair escorts, just like most of our escorts, like to try out new things and they like to do a wide variety of different activities. They’re refined creatures you see!

Do you fancy one of our refined Mayfair Escorts?

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