What women want

What women (and escorts) want

There are many different types of women, and they each have an opinion. There aren’t too many options when it comes to what they want from a man however. Our high class escorts got their heads together to give you a little insight…

We’re not blessed with the abilities of Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want,” but we do have some inside knowledge when it comes to the fairer sex. This puts us in a rather favourable position. In other words, we’re able to pass on our knowledge to our favourite people… You guys! We love our clients. You gents book our high class escorts, and you do this because you know the best when you see it!

So, how can we decipher what women want, based on our girls? They are women you know! And we are confident in our assumption that high class escorts know enough about men and what they have to offer, in order to give you some insight.

  • Maturity. Every women likes a man who’s a little older. It’s a fact. They like to know that the man is discerning and he’s with them because he really wants to be, and not because they can be. An older man is almost always more settled and comfortable in himself.
  • Power. It never hurts to have a little power at your fingertips. We’re not talking about becoming Dr Evil or anything of course, we’re talking about perhaps having some control over something or others. The ability to show high levels of confidence and good decision making to take care of things etc.
  • Charm. They do love a bit of banter! All escorts, and other women alike, love to date a man who can keep the night fresh and interesting. Those who have the right things to say at the right time. They like complimentary men, and those who could charm the pants of a nun!

What they all agree on

Now, these were in the top three, but they were by no means unanimous. However, there was one thing that outdid everything. What all of our high class escorts agreed on is that they love to laugh. We know it might sound strange to some of you, but you really don’t need much else to impress most women these days. Make them happy, make them laugh; how easy is that? Well, it’s not easy as such if you’re not a funny person, but you can still make women laugh. You can do this by simply being yourself. You’d be surprised at how amusing some of the things you do can be to a woman. Believe us when we tell you that high class escorts are incredibly used to being amused by their clients! So go ahead and be the funny guy… Just don’t try too hard!

Whatever you do, have a great time!

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