David Cameron been booking London escorts?

Booking London escorts?

Well, now that Cameron has made an arse of himself, there’s nothing left other than to party and put it all on the expenses really is there? If they can mess up, so can you right? Well, maybe not, but it’s certainly very liberating when the leaders of your country make massive foul ups. Kind of makes you believe that no-one is infallible right? Well, you can sit back and relax for a while at least. Book yourself those high class London escorts you’ve been dreaming about whilst everyone is still clucking over the Panama Papers!

There’s one thing for sure however, if you do have a substantial amount stashed away in an offshore fund, now would be a good time to get it back and do your best with the damage control. If you’re in the public eye that is. You’ve got time whilst they go through the chancellor’s tax affairs and the rest of the big wigs! And why not spend a little of your hard earned cash (or ill-gotten gains) on high class London escorts whilst you’re at it?

Why not book cheap escorts?

Well, it’s a good question, and you could argue that you’d get more fun for your money. However, it’s not all fun and games with the cheaper variety of escort you know. You could be sure that were Cameron to book escorts, he wouldn’t be choosing the cheap ones! So why should you? No, seriously for a moment. Actually, when you take a look at the escorts on our website, you’ll find that there are a number of them that aren’t particularly expensive at all. Not all the high class London escorts we represent are £600 an hour; we actually have girls available from £250!

New high class London escorts

They all price themselves you see, it’s not up to us. Some of them choose a lower price to get more bookings, and some of them start themselves off lower because they’re new to the escort industry and wish to gain experience. You will find that all the girls above £500 are very highly experienced however, and they are very popular with rich, regular escort hobbyists. If you’re planning to develop yourself a high class habit, we’re a good agency to stick with!

Check out the high class London escorts on offer now and see what’s in store!

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