What’s so great about Good Friday?

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For many people, Good Friday means getting off work early and it heralds the start of a nice long weekend. For some lucky blighters, they even get the whole day off! If you’re religious it’ll mean something else altogether, but considering you’re here on a London escort website, we’re assuming that you’re not! The London escorts you’ll find on our website aren’t overly religious, so you won’t get them taking the day off! In actual fact, Good Friday, through Easter and the bank holiday is a very popular time for our girls. It appears that you gentlemen have nothing else to do but indulge in the lovely courtesans at Park Lane Escorts.

What else could you be doing?

Let’s make an assumption that you are actually planning on doing something else at the weekend. It’ll work out nicely for you if you live in, or nearby London, but if the trains aren’t messing about too much you can still get in. You can always book one of our girls after you’ve tried out some other leisure activities.

Let’s take a look at what’s going on:

  • Chocolate Market – Saturday 26th - 37 Duke of York Square. For all chocolate fans (and don’t tell us you’re not!) why not do something a little different if you’re around southwest London. Here you’ll get to sample and buy chocolate treats from some of the world’s greatest chocolatiers. It’s open all day too and it’s free to browse around. Hell, why not take one of our London escorts with you and have an extra-long booking. Could be a lot of fun!
  • The Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race! Spitalfields City Farm, Buxton Street. Everyone’s sick to death of the “boat race”, so why not have a goat race? It’s a lot more fun to watch, and if you’re in charge of any kids this weekend, they’re going to love you if you take them to this! Easter Sunday, but the farm is open from Tue-Sun every week.
  • Craft100 – Craft Beer Company, 128 Clapham Manor Street. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about those of you who would rather drink beer than buy chocolate or watch racing goats. The Craft Beer Company is hosting another festival with 80 cask ales and 20 kegs from independent breweries. There’s also a load of food available, and it’s free to get in! You do know that some of the escorts we represent are rather partial to a drop of ale too? It’s not all about champagne!

Booking London escorts for the weekend

As we’re here, we’d like to offer you a little advice about booking London escorts for the Easter break. It’s a good idea to book in advance if you can. The girls from Park Lane Escorts are quite popular, and considering they’ll be many of you with time to spare at the weekend, we’d hate for you to be disappointed.

Get those bookings in now!

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