Why Are High Class London Escorts Expensive?

Expensive classy escorts

Alright, we’ll be honest with you. If you want a cheap London escort, you’d better go to another website (and believe us when we tell you there are plenty out there!) At Park Lane escorts, we’re not in the business of offering “cheap” entertainment…

The high class London escorts that choose us to represent them, do so because we don’t offer cheap escorts. These women are incredibly elite, and many of them have been part of the escorting community for a while. Some of the girls have even escorted all over the world. They’ve been to places some of us have only ever dreamed about. So, it kind of goes without saying that the girls you find at high class agencies such as ours, are indeed the best in the business.

Consider what these high class London escorts actually do

If you take a moment to consider the women we list at Park Lane, you’ll realise that they’re not your “usual” type of woman. A truly high class London escort is an excellent companion who does so much more than you realise to make your booking go just how you want it to.

Yes, you all know that they will get themselves dressed up to impress. You all know that they will present themselves in line with where you may be taking them, or simply your personal preference. But not that many of you realise the maintenance that goes into the career of a truly high end escort girl.

When they’re booked to travel all over the world, and to accompany some of the most affluent and powerful men on the planet, you may begin to understand just how much work this takes. These escorts have to maintain their bodies so that they are always in perfect condition. Despite youth playing an important part of this maintenance, countless hours are spent in the gym each week to make sure everything stays firm and where it should be!

The elite service

A truly elite service is only ever available when you’re prepared to spend that little bit extra on a truly professional companion. Think about what you really want from your booking. We mean really want! Well now consider where you’re going to get it. You’re not likely to get your dream escort booking for less than £500. There’s the truth, and we know this because we represent the best in the business!

These London escorts work hard to ensure you have the best experience ever… The only way to find out is to book one now!

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