Why do we get all the high class London escorts?

We get the classy escorts

The short answer to this question is simply that we are a high class London escorts agency. But it’s not as easy as that of course. It’s true that once you get a name for listing high class girls, the whole thing kind of perpetuates itself. Obviously if an escort is searching for an agency to represent her, and she sees that the other girls on the website are pricing themselves at around the rate she’d like, then she’s going to want to join that agency.

It takes something very special to impress us!

We don’t just list anyone though. It’s been our good fortune to work with some of the highest class London escorts in the business, and we continue to represent the vast majority of them. This gives us a standard to stick to, and because there is no shortage of girls wanting to work with us at Park Lane Escorts, we really do get to “cherry pick” so to speak. Besides, we would much rather have less escorts, but have them all high class, than have loads of escorts you could book just about anywhere!

We prefer to work with high class London escorts who have some experience dating clients from the high end of the market. Girls who are confident and comfortable in highly sophisticated social environments and able to service the needs of the most powerful and discerning gentlemen in the world. Once we have identified that she’ll be able to contend with the escort business in the fast lane, then we’ll consider representing her.

Working with our high class London escorts

So we have managed to establish the girl as a high class London escort. Next comes pricing. There are some high end agencies that only ever have very highly priced girls, but we like to have a wide choice. Don’t get us wrong here, we’re not cheap at all; you don’t get quality at low price in this industry! So how are they priced?

We work with all the girls who want to join Park Lane Escorts, in order to find out exactly how they should be priced. We should tell you to begin with, we do not insist upon a price with the girls we represent. Believe us, you can’t tell these girls what to do. However, we can advise them. Our advice is based upon years of experience. We are able to compare new girls and their preferred techniques and services, with girls who we already represent. This enables us to find a starting point where the girls can begin to realise what they’re worth and what their potential can be.

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