Why lie on a dating profile?

Why date when you can have escorts?

Online dating seems to be all the rage these days. There’s little wonder to tell the truth. Everyone seems to have such high expectations of one another, and people simply don’t stay together because they believe they’re either better off alone, or there’s someone better out there for them. So, online dating is a popular choice for everyone. It’s not as productive as booking yourself a London escorts however. At least when you book escorts you can choose a girl who is more than likely going to look like her image when she appears. Not only that, she’s going to be a lot less work to entertain, if you know what we mean! You could spend a lot of time searching for women on Tinder, or Match, or one of those other equally as bad websites, and still not have any fun at the end of it.

Why do people lie on their dating profile anyway?

Let’s take a look at just how much trouble we do actually go to on those sites, and the lies we tell each other just to get some female/male company. Well, the truth is that people want to look better than they actually are. Dating profiles all go on appearance don’t they? Well, that’s what you base your choice of London escorts on right? So the most common thing they do is post old pictures. Some of you might not think this is too much of a big deal, but if you’re ever met a woman who claims to be 25, and then turns out to be more like 55 years old, you’ll know it’s not alright in the least! Here are a few other common lies:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Income
  • Interests
  • Profession

What most people fail to realise is that they don’t actually need to lie anyway. People would much rather see the real you, if you’re going to do it. This is one attribute that London escorts all share (the good ones at any rate!) London escorts are professionals, and the reason they get into the industry in the first place is because they can appreciate all aspects of a man; not just their appearance.

Never get deceived with London escorts

At Park Lane Escorts we are proud to announce that all the pictures you see on the website are all genuine, and they are all recent. On top of this, all the girls we represent always update their pictures as often as they get new shots done. It’s important for a high class agency such as ours to present the best of the best as well as we can...

Ditch the dating and book London escorts… Simples!

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