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08 January 2018

Why people cheat

high class London escortsWe know a lot about men, and we know a lot about women too. This is something to do with running an agency that provides high class London escorts of course, but there’s also a lot of common sense involved. We believe that in order to better appreciate women and to make sure they don’t run off, you should learn just what makes them stray!

It’s not always what you do

It’s important to understand that it’s not always your fault. If your partner decides to cheat on you, it might not be anything you did, it could be just the type of person she is. Some of these reasons are why our high class London escorts pursue their careers as a matter of fact. Your partner may cheat on you simply because she’s not a committed type of person, or she just desires more and more sexual partners. It’s entirely possible that it’s not your fault either. If she’s a nymphomaniac, there are very few men who can keep one to themselves!

If it happens when she’s drunk, it’s not an excuse. If someone gets drunk and cheats, they have a problem with drinking as well as monogamy. Let’s face it, if you drink so much that you’re no longer in control of what you do, it’s never a good sign!


Not everyone who cheats is a hopeless flirt with no self-control! Of course the most common reason people cheat is because they feel neglected by their partners. So if she has cheated on you, ask yourself a few questions: did you spend enough time with her, did you treat her well enough, did you give her any reason to cheat on you? It’s incredibly common for people to cheat rather than talk to their partner about any problems. You might want to ask yourself if she could talk to you about a problem if she had one. Chances are, if she doesn’t feel close enough to you to do this, if you don’t treat her well, she’ll cheat! Remember, everyone needs someone to love them!

Open relationships

Now this is an interesting point to make. There are a number of couples out there who stay together, and stay stronger, simply because they allow each other the freedom to pursue different partners. We hear this quite a lot from our high-class London escorts, surprisingly enough, so it much be becoming more popular as time goes by. This type of relationship is perfect for those who are trying to make a long-distance relationship work; although they must be pretty secure to do it.

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