You don’t always have to do something special

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Whilst we have nothing but the best at Park Lane Escorts, you should understand that the girls don’t always expect to have the red carpet rolled out for them. They do realise that they are the highlight of the evening for you, and that they are being paid to make that evening a memorable one. They’re not expecting anything at all. You are under no obligation to entertain them to a particular standard, it’s their job to do that for you.

Sometimes it’s just as easy to have your escort come to your hotel room for an allotted amount of time, without going to too much trouble. It’s often nice to have some wine or champagne there of course, but you knew this already and it’s only fair to offer your guest some refreshment when she arrives. But you know what, if you just want to chill out in your hotel room and listen to music with your chosen girl, that’s absolutely fine. In fact, some of the girls welcome this type of booking above all others. There are only so many fancy dinner dates a girl can go on, and so many bars and cocktails she can experience. Sometimes it’s just nice to simplify things occasionally.

Your efforts are always appreciated

However, having said all that, your efforts will always be appreciated. No matter what they are you understand? If you choose to have champagne and caviar in the room waiting for your guest, or you decide you’re going out to a party together, we know they’ll love it. In the same way though, that they’d love to simply sit with you and chat. You have made the booking, what you want to do on your date is up to you, and no-one else. Our escorts are very versatile, so it’s not as though you’re going to upset them by choosing something they don’t want to do.

Consider their appearance

If you are going out, or whatever you’re planning to do, please consider what your chosen companion may choose to wear and ensure you let the agency know what may be expected. If you’re going somewhere very casual, she probably won’t need to put on her best cocktails dress and heels. Our girls will always look their very best, but it’s nice to know if they have an occasion or event to attend where they may need something specific.

If you have any questions at all, you know you can always call Park Lane Escorts – We’ll always be here to answer you!

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