You get to set the atmosphere (with your London escorts)

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Let’s get a few things straight. When it comes to your London escort experience (and we emphasis “your”), you do get to call the shots in a number of ways. And today, we’re going to explain to you what these are.

To begin with there are the obvious ones. You get to say whether you go to her place, or she comes to yours. That’s simple enough to understand. And whatever time you book, you expect your escort to be ready and waiting for you. It’s not acceptable under any circumstances for her to be late, or for her not to be ready when you arrive at her apartment. Unless of course there is a very good reason. When you are paying the type of fees our girls at Park Lane Escorts charge, you are well entitled to expect the very best of the best. Truly professional escorts will always be well presented, be on time and always ready to entertain. The girls you see on our website are hostesses of the highest order.


Whether you’re at her place, or your place, you get to set the atmosphere too. These girls are professional, and they can be at home in any environment or atmosphere. It’s you that’s important when you’ve paid £600 an hour for this beautiful young woman to be there in your apartment or hotel room. Unless anything is organised prior to your meeting, your escort will assume that you want something nice and relaxing. She will perhaps dim the lights, she’ll be dressed up nice to impress you, and she may be playing some music too.


Can you spot the things you’re entitled to change? You can’t force a girl to change her clothes, or demand that she does anything in particular really. She’s not a dancing bear! You can however, have the lighting adjusted to something that better suits your taste. As long as it’s in the realms of possibility of course. If she doesn’t have three hundred tea light candles, she isn’t going to light all those for you! Music is another one. Some of the girls, because of their youth, tend to favour dance music and R&B etc. But what you need to understand is that most of them are simply streaming the music from YouTube or Apple Music, or something like that. These days you can get access to any song you want to listen to, so just ask!

It’s as simple as that. If you want to relax and share a glass of wine with your escort and listen to some jazz, or blues, or even some Chopin or something like that, just ask her to change the music. If she’s a professional, it won’t be a problem for her. Be confident and tell her what you like. Who knows, you may even convince her into liking it too. Stranger things have happened!


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