You need more brains to impress a London escort

Brains impress escorts

Now, we seriously don’t mean any offence in this brief article, if you are indeed a muscle man, we are sure you’re a very nice person! However, we, and our high class London escorts, have noticed that there are more and more men these days, literally obsessed with their appearance. Most of the time this appearance is all about having massive muscles. Today, we’re here to tell you that you need a lot more than that to impress the girls!

They’ve become used to it you see. This is the bottom line gentlemen. Once a new fad, or trend, comes into play (like the beard thing), it’s only a matter of time before everyone is looking or doing the same, and something else is needed to ignite new desires. High class London escorts might very well be happy to see most gents of course, but if you really want to make a lasting impression, you’ll pay more attention to your brain than your brawn!

In fact, you’ll get on much better with all the women in your life. Just because you book escorts, it doesn’t mean you’re never looking to meet regular women does it? Show them how smart you are. How do you do this? Well, looking after your brain and developing your intellectual capacity isn’t that hard, but it does require a little effort on your part. Don’t get us wrong here (again, we feel as though we may be offending some people!), we aren’t saying all of you need to do this, but even those who do consider themselves as quite the intellectuals, there’s never any harm in honing those skills!

  • Read. Not only does reading sharpen your mind and make you think more analytically about things, it also gives you yet another thing to talk about should you meet a woman who is also into reading. Doesn’t have to be War and Peace, it could be the latest crime novel off the shelf in the train station on your way to work, or even a daily dose of the broadsheets.
  • Watch movies. Watch as many of the new movies as you can, but don’t leave it there. Switch your favourite genre a little and try out new movies. Overcome your fear of subtitles and try out some foreign movies; you’ll be amazed in the cultural differences in modern day cinema.
  • Go to the theatre. Even if you’re not a theatre goer, you should at least try it out. You’ll be amazed at just how much it can open your mind. And again, like the two above, you’ll have yet another conversation piece for when you’re on a hot date with an escort!
  • Talk. Talk to people about what you know and what interests you. You can instigate conversation in the pub you know. You don’t just have to sit there and watch the football on the big screen, talk about what’s happening in the world; you’ll be surprised at how welcome it could be. Women, and high class London escorts in particular, love a man who knows how to converse.

We hope this has helped a little. Remember that it takes many things to impress a woman these days, they’ve become much more discerning. But you should always remember that when you tire of trying to date women, you can simply book a London escort from us. These women will be sure to show you just how well you’re doing when it comes to impressing them!


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