Don’t think you can afford high class London escorts?

High class London escorts for £300 or less!

Well, you’re wrong. You’re very wrong indeed! The popular myth surrounding high class London escorts is that they’re all ridiculously expensive. Well, even though we have our share of pricey London escorts here at Park Lane, that’s not all we have. And you should know by now that each and every one of the London escorts we represent are very high class, regardless of price!



  • Cherry- £300 incall - £350 outcall
  • Carina - £300 incall - £350 outcalll

This isn’t an exhaustive list of course. We have so many escorts at Park Lane Escorts, it would be impossible to list them all. Also, all those who are not at this price are mostly between £400-600 an hour. Remember that those girls who price themselves higher than the ones you see above, may not actually offer better services. It’s all down to the price the girl wants to advertise at, and of course if you see an escort you really like, you’ll pay the price to have her company. These young, talented women know their value, and they also know the price they want to set.

Price is not always reflective of service quality

You will find that all of the girls who list themselves from £250-350 are still very much high class, but they just want to offer a little more value for money. This could be because they see it from another angle. The cheaper the price, the more bookings they may get. So essentially, they could well be earning just as much money as those who price themselves higher. There will of course be a distinctly different client group between these two different price ranges; it all depends on where you stand!

You can always book with confidence from Park Lane Escorts. You ought to know this by now if you’ve booked with us before, and if you haven’t you need to book one of our lovely creatures now!

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