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11 April 2018

Your girlfriend’s “guy friend” and what to do about him

Stunning London escortsUnless your girlfriend’s male best friend is gay, you’re going to have a problem with him. It’s as simple as that. And it doesn’t matter what anyone says, or how cool you think you are about it, you need some help. No, before you ask, our answer isn’t booking a London escort. We’re here to help as well as promote our services!

It’s normal for a woman and a man to be friends, yes, but it’s never fully alright is it? There’s always that feeling in the background, and it doesn’t seem to matter how you try to shut it out, it’s always there. It’s how we’re made after all. But you have to overcome. This is the short answer to your problem. If something is going to happen between your girlfriend and her male friend, it will happen. However, if your behaviour is anything but perfect where he is concerned, you could end up forcing it. If you care enough about the woman you’re with, you’ll concentrate on making her confident and happy in the relationship she already has, so that nothing could come between the two of you.

Don’t be jealous

Rule number one! This is very important. If you start with this at the beginning of your relationship, you’re going to lose her; it’s as simple as that. She knows him better than she knows you, and if you show her how jealous you can be right from the start, if she’s anything like a nice girl, she’ll get rid of you as quickly as possible. So keep all your irrational and paranoid thoughts to yourself and try not to let them come to the surface and manifest themselves in any way at all.

Be nice

Another very important thing for early in the relationship. Your girlfriend is going to be watching how you are with her friends, whether they’re male of female. After all, these people are who she chose to spend time with before you came along, and it’s likely that she’ll be spending time with them long after you’ve gone too. Just remember that she has chosen to include you in her life and she wants to spend time with you too. It’s only logical she’s going to want all those people in her life to be nice to one another.

Make sure you meet him

This is of paramount importance. As all our London escorts tell us, you can possibly judge anyone without meeting them first, regardless of what you’ve heard or what others may say. This guy could be really nice, and he could be genuinely just her friend. But meeting him will also allow you to better asses whether or not he does have any romantic feelings towards her. You’re not stupid, you know when a guy is staring longingly at a woman or not; regardless of whether or not she’s your girlfriend. You can also tell she’s flirting with him or not. It does happen, and often when the person doesn’t even realise they’re flirting. If this is the case, best for you to bow out gracefully and move onto another woman; there’s clearly something that needs resolving here, and there are plenty more fish in the sea!

Time will sort it out

The thing is, like we said in the beginning, you need to be the guy she turns to. You need to be the guy who makes her confident and happy. If you make yourself this guy, and don’t focus on the other guy, the relationship will be better defined. It will become so defined that this male friend of hers will no longer be her shoulder to cry on, or there for her when she wants to talk, simply because she has you. It may very well just phase out. If you stay for the long game, if he does indeed have feelings for her, he will eventually move onto a woman of his own when he realises that the two of you have something a little more special.

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