Upgrade Your Escorts in 2023

Booking better escort girls

Book Better Escorts in 2023

It’s 2023 folks, and it’s time to up your game, right? The last couple of years have taken their toll on you no doubt. They have taken their toll on the London escort business too, believe us; but we are still here. And it’s at times like this that we consider just how fortunate we are, and we encourage you to do the same.

Forget about New Year resolutions. Everyone wants to get fit, quit smoking or drinking, get around to decorating that spare room etc. the list goes on and on. But how likely is any of it in reality? Isn’t it time we accepted who we are and started to enjoy life now? Life is so brief, it would be shame not to have as much fun as we could whilst we are here. There are no do overs here!

Increase Your Budget

Yes, we realise that there is a “cost of living crisis” in the UK, but let’s face it, it does not concern most of you gentlemen, does it? If you were struggling at all for money, you wouldn’t be here on this website, reading this article. London escorts are predominantly for the wealthy. Well, they are on our website anyway. We don’t really cater much to those who want to book cheap girls. We have a few cheaper girls, but most girls on this website are escorts for £600 and above. We have many high end companions for around £1000 too. We’re not telling you to spend a grand an hour on these girls (although you would be sure to have a fabulous time!), but we would suggest that you up your budget.

If you have been one of those guys booking escort girls for £300 or thereabouts, it’s time you upped your game. You might even be one of those lovely clients that books girls at this price for more than just an hour. Perhaps you book a £300 girl for an hour? Well, why not try a £600 girl for just an hour and see just how much better, or just different, she can be? Make 2023 about change!

More Choice

You will certainly have more choice if you are booking from a high end agency like Park Lane Escorts. There are many more girls from £600+ than there are any others. These girls know their worth, and they are never afraid to put a price tag on it. They are much more special than the average girl you find on other websites.

These girls do not make a habit of seeing so many men that they don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for their dates. With a high end model you may struggle to get a booking, simply because they don’t take on too much. And the bookings they do take on, they take very seriously indeed. As well as knowing their own worth, they are also very aware that they must always deliver an outstanding service.

Model Escorts

These girls are not just escort girls. The girls we represent at Park Lane Escorts are London model escorts. They are at the very top of their game, and practically all of them are models or at the very least former models. And we are not talking about porn magazines etc. here, we mean classy models. It’s quite likely that when you meet one of our girls, if you are at all familiar with fashion and lifestyle magazines in the slightest, you may well have seen them before. This is the main reason that most of the girls decide to hide their faces in their profile pictures.

So, go ahead and up your budget in 2023. See what all the fuss is about. We are pretty sure you will never look back!


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