Booking Duo London Escorts

How to book duo escorts in London

Many of you have booked a London escort duo before, but there are many of you who have simply toyed with the idea. It’s an idea that you have more than likely had for years too, but never had the courage, or sometimes the cash to actually do it. Today we are going to talk about the duo escort experiences available here in London and just how to get the best results when you want to book.

Having a genuinely good, professional London escort duo catering to your every whim is one of the best experiences you will have in your life. If you have never had this before, just think of it in these terms. Take the last memorable London escort experience you had, and multiply the feeling you had during and after by at least two. Believe us when we tell you that you’ll be believing it more than twice as good, once you have experienced it yourself.

The costs

This is important. The costs will certainly be worth it if you get a good duo to entertain you. There is no doubt that two escorts are better than one, take our word for it. So let’s talk about the costs involved. Obviously booking two girls is more expensive, and some of you will say that you cannot afford it. Fair enough. But if you are booking girls on their own anyway, why don’t you just forgo one booking and use the money that you would have spent, on a duo booking?

Speak to a professional agency

You need to deal with a professional agency when it comes to finding a good London escort duo. There is literally no other way of getting what you want. You will notice that we do not actually have a duo gallery on our website. We don’t have one because we don’t really need one. If we get a girl who does duos with another girl, we will usually make this known on her profile. It’s not a request that we get too many of to be honest, so it doesn’t really warrant an entire gallery at the moment.

That’s not to say there is no demand of course. But we are professional enough to know who works with who, and how good they are. So when it comes to Park Lane Escorts, we would much rather deal with the client who wants a duo than throw a load of girls on a page and claim they do this and that. If you are interested in a duo booking, get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to help you out.

Which girls do duo escort experiences?

Not all the girls at the agency know one another. And not all of those that do, know each other well enough to perform a duo escort booking with their clients. There is a difference between being intimate with a client, and being intimate with a client and another escort. This is often the problem some clients find when they book girls from agencies who literally just throw girls together on a duo gallery of their website, and expect everything to go well when the two girls do a booking together. Although they are happy to be around one another, they’re sometimes not as comfortable as they would be were they doing the booking alone.

Duos are usually done by those girls who share an apartment. These are usually the most comfortable with the booking, and some of them are bisexual anyway and really enjoy doing these bookings with their flatmates. It’s not always the case of course, sometimes a girl will have to migrate to another’s apartment to conduct the booking. All of this would be made clear to you when you book of course (or at least it should be).

Not always genuine duos

It’s not always just the agencies that are responsible for offering duo services that aren’t particularly enjoyable for the client. Sometimes the girls are responsible for it too. When you think about it, if you are an escort in London, telling an agency that you offer duo services increases the chance of you getting booked. But what they fail to think about is, just how difficult it can be to behave as though you are excited by the duo booking. This leads to client dissatisfaction, and it’s not good for the agency or the girls.

So whether it’s the agency, the girls, or both that are advertising false claims, it’s always worthwhile having a quick conversation or sending an email to the receptionist to find out more information. In fact it’s often better to have your reply in writing. That way you can always go back to the agency and show them that they confirmed the girls were genuinely interested in doing the duo booking, or that they are genuinely bisexual. Remember that not all duo escort bookings insist on both girls being bisexual. It’s perfectly normal for two heterosexual girls to do a duo booking.

If you are interested in duo bookings, talk to Park Lane Escorts and we will help you choose the best possible solution.

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