Breakfast or Brunch in Earls Court

Breakfast in Earls Court

Have a date with a London escort in Earls Court? Perhaps you made your appointment in the morning? If you did, we have somewhere you might like to try for your breakfast. It’s actually a pub called The Prince of Teck. We know what you’re thinking. Who wants their breakfast in a pub of all places? It’s not always what you think though. They offer a lot more than a pint of ale and a full English breakfast.

Morning escort bookings

We suppose we should talk a little about morning bookings. Yes, they do actually happen. Some of you may have been put off from booking one in the past, simply because you were not aware of that these types of bookings were available. So now you know, we expect you to call. The girls are available at different times of the day and night of course. Some prefer to work early, some prefer to work late, but our receptionists always know who is available and who is best at particular times. Let’s talk about breakfast time.

If you have booked one of our lovely escorts in Earls Court escorts in the morning, you may be interested in getting yourself something to eat before you go. There’s nothing like being well nourished before an escort booking, You might need extra energy to keep up with her for one thing.

The Prince of Teck

So back to the Prince of Teck. This is where you will find a variety of food on offer. If you’re going to visit a girl in Earls Court you probably don’t want a pint of beer. Or perhaps you do? Sometimes we all need our nerves calming a little. But if it’s just sustenance you’re after, have some food and a nice cup of tea.

They do practically everything here, from the full English, right down to simple croissants and jam or porridge. The eggs Benedict is very nice, as is the Florentine. These guys really know how to do hollandaise sauce. There are vegan and vegetarian options that may interest you too. Porridge, or smashed avocado and more. If you can’t find something to eat for breakfast or brunch, you’re too picky.

The décor is simple and rustic, with no unnecessary frills. It looks as though they switch from a nice restaurant, to a busy pub in no time at all, and without really making any changes, excepting the removal of the cutlery from the tables. The staff are friendly, efficient and never in your face, which is a refreshing change in London. Especially in those new places that offer practically everything from a haircut to a pair of shoes, all under one roof. The last time we were in The Prince of Teck, we were served by a very beautiful and friendly young lady in tiny denim shorts. That was enough of a reason to return, whether you’re seeing an Earls Court escort or not!

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