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£150 Escorts

Welcome to our gallery of cheap London escorts. This gallery is full of our girls at the cheapest price possible. It’s important that you understand that just because these girls offer their services for £150, it does not mean that they are poor quality. You can see for yourself by looking at the pictures that they’re some of the most beautiful girls in the world.

We do not judge our girls on their looks however, or their age, shape, size or nationality. As far as we are concerned we can’t possibly comment on how good a girl is on behalf of our clients. They come in all forms and for all prices. What impresses one client, may not impress another. One client may have a wonderful experience with a £150 escort, yet have a not so great time with an escort for £600. It’s totally subjective.

Recommended girls

We do however have a dedicated gallery of recommended London escorts. This gallery has been compiled through the help of our clients and their feedback, among other analytics. You will see on that page that the girls are of all different prices, so you can see what we are saying. It’s always a good idea to call the agency too if you would like some more inside information about a particular girl. We may not always know more, but for those girls who have been with us for a while, we’re sure to have some insight for you. If you book one of our new girls at the agency, we would very much appreciate your feedback. Who knows, perhaps the girl you recommend may end up on the recommended page.

Value Escorts for £150

So why do they only charge £150? Most of the time it’s because that’s what they are used to charging. They get the right amount of bookings at that price, and they don’t see the need to go any higher. There’s a lot to be said for cheaper bookings. A girl could still be making as much as some of the very expensive girls, it all depends on the amount of bookings. You will find that most of the cheaper girls are really keen to see more clients, because they are genuinely happy with their career choice and can’t get enough of it. A more expensive girl may well get less than half the clients that a girl for £150 will get, so it’s very easy for them to make up their money.

Outcall charges

Most escorts charge extra of outcall services, unless they are at super high end. This is to cover all the expenses you would expect to have to pay. These young ladies have to find their way to your hotel or apartment, and this takes time. This is time out of their usually busy schedule, so they are losing money. On top of the time lost in travelling and preparation, they have to pay for transportation. Cabs are not cheap in London, and you cannot reasonably expect a high class London escort to travel on the tube to get your location. They will usually take a cab or an uber to get to their destination. Do not worry, they do this often and know what they are doing.

Obviously they don’t have to pay for transportation if you are in a hotel around the corner, they may well just walk around to meet you. However, your extra outcall fee will not be waived in this instanc4e. It’s important to understand that the girls cannot make exceptions to their prices and rules, and it’s still an inconvenience to them to have to get dressed up (or dressed at all) to go on an outcall escort booking.

Extra charges

You may find that some girls at the cheaper end of the scale charge extra for other services. There is nothing wrong with this, but if you are the type of client who prefers to know everything up front and pay accordingly, it is a good idea to have a little chat with your chosen escort as soon as the two of you meet. You can outline with her how you want your date to go, then if there are any extra charges, you will be aware of them before you have paid her fee. If you are not happy with the fees, you will then have the choice to leave and book another escort.

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