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Welcome to our exclusive London escorts gallery. Here you will find all the girls at our agency who choose only to list their services with our agency. Allow us to explain a little further. An exclusive girl only wants to take bookings from one agency, so she signs herself exclusively to them for all their work. There are a number of reasons for such a choice and we will go into some length about them here. In short, if you want a girl who does not do back to back bookings and is not likely to cancel on you because she has had a better offer of a booking from another agency, this is the gallery you should be choosing her from.

Exclusive ladies are awfully hard to come by in the London escort business. When it comes to getting girls work, you need to be a very effective agency if they’re only going to list with you. It’s no good signing up to work with one agency if they’re never going to find you any work. After all, the idea of being a high class London escort is to spend time with gentlemen in order to make a living, as well as have plenty of fun.

Why girls go exclusive

This is something that all girls desire about all else. In an ideal world they would happily be independent escorts, but that brings with it a whole new world of issues. One in particular being that they have no-one else who knows about the bookings they get, and no type of screening process. Whilst we as an agency can’t directly screen the clients we get for the girls, we do have their numbers and a record of their booking of course. We send messages to the girls to ensure that their booking went as planned and they are alright. These kinds of systems are desired by all escorts.

The girls also don’t want to be bothered with all the promotion and advertising that goes into getting bookings. It’s easier for them to list with an agency who have this taken care of already. If an escort agency has good visibility in places of high interest to escort clients, then there shouldn’t be any trouble getting the girls bookings if they girls are truly good at what they do. So in many respects, having an exclusive escort works both ways. We are not keen to have girls who are not very good at their job, and girls are not keen to have an agency that can’t get them work.

Most of our exclusive girls are popular London escorts from £600.

Too many agencies

A massive problem for girls is having too many agencies. In order to get work in a market that has become so flooded with girls in recent years, it has become necessary to sign up with a number of agencies most of the time. This allows the girls to get enough work, but they do tend to then be bombarded with requests. If the girl in question has trouble saying no to all the agencies, she may end up with too much work. This can cause her to become tired and disinterested, or make mistakes and be late for bookings.

Also agencies that struggle to get in touch with their escorts can sometimes become impatient and upset that the girls are never answering them, or they are always busy. It’s an endless struggle in this respect and hard for the girls to strike the right balance. And of course, an escort is always going to be tempted by a longer booking if she gets one, so she will sometimes cancel shorter appointments in favour of earning more money. This also upsets agencies, understandably of course. And this is another reason why we like having a few exclusive escorts.

What you get with an exclusive lady

Whilst you can’t have her all to yourself, you can count on the fact that she’s not working with another agency. Basically, she’s going to be well rested and able to accept bookings on her own terms. An exclusive call girl will have more time on her hands to ensure she looks the part, and she’s always keen to see you. They get to work their own hours of course, like all the girls, but you may find that more and more part time escorts will become exclusive, in order to make it fit around their lifestyles without the constant interference from some escort agencies. Book yourself a professional exclusive London escort from Park Lane today and notice the difference yourself.


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Our Categories and Locations

We are operating a high class London escort service here in London, so we want to do the best we can to ensure that our website meets the needs of our clients. The type of girl you are looking for should be an easy process, which is why there are so many different categories available to choose from the main, drop down menu at the top of the page. We believe that we have included most client preferences, including a few that you may not have thought about. So it’s worth looking at them to find your perfect date. Our Girlfriend Experience London Escorts (or GFE) for example, are the perfect choice for those of you who require a very real, genuine experience, with care, attention and affection. In other words, everything you would expect to have from a loving girlfriend.

And regardless of what you may believe, we all have “a type”. This may be a girl’s nationality even, or perhaps you like escorts with big boobs? There’s always something. You should find everything you are looking for on our pages, but if there is anything you would like to see, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to add a category.

Locations are a little different. A Russian girl is not likely to be in the same category as the Brazilian escorts, but she may well be listed in multiple locations. It’s very easy to understand. If you are looking for an London escort in Mayfair, you may also want to check the Knightsbridge gallery. This is because Knightsbridge is very close by. The same could be said for Gloucester Road and Earls Court, or Paddington and Bayswater. The list goes on and on.  And of course, we have much larger location categories like West End and Central London. Whilst most girls are in these categories, we have not ruled out the chance that we may represent girls from further out of Central London. Obviously we create galleries as the girls join the agency.

If you have any more questions about our categories and locations, please feel free to ask at any time.

Important Notice

Park Lane High Class London Escorts is not a sexual service or connected in any way to prostitution in London. We are an introduction agency only. We specialise in introducing some of the most discerning clients in the world looking for elite companionship services, to some of the most professional, high class ladies. As an agency, we are not responsible for anything that happens between an escort and her client, during or after their booking. Whatever takes place between the two or more consenting adults during their booking is between them, and we couldn’t possibly comment on these events.

All escorts are verifiably aged 18 years or older. They come to us from all over the world. They are resident in London for many reasons. Some already live and work here in other capacities, some are studying, and some are just on vacation. All the girls operate on a self-employed basis and are responsible, wherever necessary, for the payment of their own taxes and National Insurance.