Do you love Russian escorts?

Russian escort experiences

We know we love them. And here at Park Lane Escorts, we have our fair share of them for sure. It’s for this reason that we’ve decided to introduce a brand new Russian escort gallery. To be perfectly honest with you, we could have a hell of a lot more, but we’re not always certain what nationality they all are. We try our best of course, but it’s not always easy. Besides, sometimes we get girls from Russia who are actually from Ukraine, and vice versa. Girls from Belarus who claim to be Russian, as well as Latvians. We’re not arguing with the fact that they’re all lovely, but they all think that being a Russian escort holds some kind of passport to more bookings.

It’s true that Russian escorts have a good reputation, but we try to be as accurate as we can. Not all Slovakian girls for example have the same enthusiasm for their careers. And the same can be said for those from Belarus etc. But we have yet to find a real Russian lady who isn’t an outstanding performer. And we’re referring to performance in so many ways that we couldn’t really name them all.

The Girlfriend Experience

If it’s a true GFE escort you want, you will never fail with a Russian. This is a known fact in the escort community. As we explain in our gallery of Russian ladies, it’s almost as though there is a specialist school where they train them to be the perfect woman for their partners. They are affectionate in a really genuine way, and they will lavish you with attention from the moment you meet, to the moment you have to part company. Longer bookings are always advised if you can afford them. A booking with one of these companions will never get boring, only better. You would be amazed at what they can pull out of the bag on an overnight booking. You need some serious cash to book one of them for the whole evening, but you are going to have an experience that you’ll take into the afterlife!

Physically amazing Russians

All the Russian girls you see working as escorts look as though they’ve been lifted from the cover of a magazine. It doesn’t matter if they’re young or old, they will all be physically outstanding. Flawlessly beautiful faces, perfect hair and incredibly fit, often toned, bodies. Some of them may be enhanced here and there, but it’s only ever a great job, and you’ll always appreciate it. On top of their peak physical appearance, they are also blessed with excellent taste and style when it comes to their clothes – including their designer lingerie.


There is one main problem that we struggle to reconcile with. Aside from the usual language barriers that sometimes occur, and happen with all the escorts from time to time, it’s something else that bothers us. What bothers us the most, is also the reason why you need to book them as soon as you can. They simply don’t hang around for long enough. It’s like they have to switch every once in a while. Or they have to return home to go back to university or other careers. It’s not often that you get a Russian that sticks around for a long time. We are lucky enough however, to have a few like this, and we do strongly recommend you try them. Don’t neglect to see those that are here on brief visits though, every Russian girl deserves your attention!

And always book from Park Lane Escorts – London’s most popular and highest class London escort agency.

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