Escort Addiction

What is Escort Addiction?

We term addiction as something that we can’t quit, or something that we find difficult to quit. It’s usually something that we usually find pleasurable. Smoking, drinking, gambling and all those types of things are in this group. Smoking is the exception in many ways, simply because you’re chemically addicted to them. In much the same way as you would be many drugs. If you wanted to give these things up, you’d certainly need professional and/or chemical help. Escort addiction we would equate more to gambling really. It’s pleasurable, that’s for sure, and you do it when you can afford it and as often as you can. The more you do it, the more you want to do it.

Is it a bad thing?

This isn’t something we could answer for everyone. It all depends on what it’s doing to you, or what perhaps it’s preventing you from doing. As a London escort agency of some repute, we obviously have to be careful about what we say here, but we’re not into lying to our clients. So let’s look at the obvious. We love our job as an agency, and you clearly love using our service. You all use the service for different reasons, so we won’t go into those here and now.

However, some clients can duck in and out of the service whenever they feel like it. They may be married or single, it doesn’t really matter. These clients are usually wealthy, and they don’t have a problem with booking a girl whenever they need the company. But is it an addiction? In our opinion it’s down to the individual. It’s making the client happy. There’s no denying that. But as long as he’s not taking money from his household where he has to feed his children or pay his bills, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are many smokers out there that spend more money on cigarettes than some of our clients do on escorts, so let’s get this into perspective.

Any addiction is a bad thing if it’s causing harm to someone else. Escort addiction may well be a big thing, but if you can afford it and it’s not impacting those around you, it’s not a problematic addiction. And not nearly as bad for your health as cigarettes. In actual fact, we could argue that it’s good for your health because it keeps you happy. Obviously if you and your escort get up to risky things together, that’s a different conversation altogether, but that’s not something we would like to speculate about anyway in all honesty.

Avoiding things

Here’s one problem. If you’re booking escorts so often that you’re putting off doing other vital things, it’s a problem. And we’re not talking about others necessarily either. We’re talking about the client who skips off work, or tries to leave early each evening, or returns late after his lunch. This can prevent your own development and even affect your career prospects. It’s definitely difficult to focus on the fundamentals in life if you’re an escort hobbyist. Chance are you live or work in London, so you’re surrounded by the temptation literally every waking moment. And if you can afford them, it’s going to be even worse if you have a particularly addictive personality. So just be aware of what you should be doing, and make sure your hobby doesn’t impose too much on it.

Keeping you isolated

It’s this addictive personality that we need to focus on more. If you have found yourself easily attracted to drink, cigarettes and drugs and so on over the years, and have always struggled to turn them down when they’re available, chances are you’ll have the same problem with escorts in London. Unlike smoking and drinking, booking girls can leave you socially isolated.

We are talking mainly about relationships with women here. If you’re a single man and you can have a girl anytime you want, whenever you want, you are unlikely to pursue any type of relationship with a regular woman. Why would you? Well, there is a very good reason to continue to pursue regular women. You’re not going to have a fulfilling relationship with a London escort, let’s face it. It’s just not going to happen. And at the risk of putting ourselves out of business, you will get this from a regular wife or girlfriend. You may even stop seeing escorts, or see less of them anyway. Either way, that much is up to you. But don’t put your whole social interaction with women in the hands of escort girls. In fact, you could use your time with escorts to fine tune how to impress other women. There’s a lot more to be gained from an experience with a very high end girl you know.

Remember that everything is fine in the correct balance!

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