Escorts in Trouble during Corona Virus

Escorts in a Pandemic

It’s a hard, dreadfully tricky time at the moment in London. No-one knows whether they should go and see an escort, no-one knows if they’re even working. We couldn’t tell you anything really, it’s not like we’re encouraging the booking of high class call girls during this pandemic, it wouldn’t be responsible. We are still taking your calls and relaying messages as and when, but we’re certainly not encouraging anything. If you were to book a girl, you would need to ensure that you are fit and well, and healthy enough to not risk the health of the companion you planned to see. This stands for any girl, whether she’s an agency girl or an independent.

What are they doing to sustain themselves?

Well, it’s much the same as anyone else, they’re doing what they can to survive. This is serious business in London, because it’s so damn expensive to live. And the only problem with working in this profession is that they more than likely won’t be able to get any financial help from the government. It’s a shame. Those who are declared self employed will be able to claim, dependent on the record of their income we’re sure, and some will be trying their best to live from the mercy of their landlords and others that demand their bills to be paid. Luckily we live in a forgiving country where people who are all in the same boat, all do their best to help each other. It’s the British thing we suppose.

We sincerely hope that they will be able to get by and stick around in London as long as they can. We all wish for this to be over as quickly as anyone else, but you can’t rush these things. It’s far better to have things back to relative normality in a slow and measured way to ensure the health and safety of the whole country. These are unprecedented times. We ask that you spare a thought for the girls and their predicament and plan yourself a lovely reunion with them as soon as you can get out and about again.

Keeping their spirits up

You will already know some of the girls, so you’ll already know that they’re really quite a cheerful bunch. We talk about our British spirit in times of crisis, but those European ladies have plenty of that too. And let’s not forget that many of them will have friends and family back home that they are very concerned about too. They are brave young ladies each and every one of them.

Most of the girls left in London are keeping themselves busy with literature, music, movies and keeping fit. The type of things they do anyway when they’re waiting in for incall bookings, so they’re very good at being patient. The only things they are going to miss most are the beauty salons and gyms. And, of course their clients. Best not to forget you gents!

Don’t worry though, when you finally meet the girls we’re sure they’ll have had time to fix themselves up. We’re betting that you’ve never seen one of our high class London escorts looking dishevelled, they’re classy, elegant and most of all damn fine. Most of what they have is natural beauty anyway, and there’s never much need for makeup.

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