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We are constantly eager to find out if we have made your dreams come true, here at Park Lane Escorts. Our London escort agency prides itself on customer service, and providing the very best girls, to some of the most wealthy and powerful clients on the face of the earth. So, you can appreciate just how important it is to us to find out if we’re doing a good job. And we like to know whether the girls are everything you expect them to be.

It may surprise some of you to discover that as an escort agency, we still need the approval given to us by reviews. These are not just reviews on independent escort review sites, as we have mentioned before. But these are also non niche specific review platforms. Places where any business can be reviewed if their company is registered of course. We have recently opened a Proven Expert account and would greatly appreciate it if you could find the time to click over there and leave us a review.

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It’s not the same as the reviews over on Punternet or The Erotic Review. You are not required to review the girl you see, or write any details about your time together. The review is for us – the agency. It’s for you to express how well we handled your booking, and how you would rank our customer service etc. so it’s very “vanilla,” for want of a better word. It’s just another company getting reviewed. The beauty if it is that you don’t even have to sign up to register as a user of Proven Expert, you can remain completely anonymous. All you need to do is verify the review you left via email. And we know that many of you have email accounts that you use for your more private interests, so this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Do let us know if you have any trouble, but we’ve had a look and it seems quite straightforward enough. We even sent the link to our page to one of our most regular clients, and he was happy to test it out for us. We were informed that it was quick and easy. He checked the star ratings and wrote a very kind comment in the box. He clicked send and was asked how he would like to verify. He chose email. He got an email and clicked on the verify link and that’s it. All done! No names, no contact from the website, or us. So the question should be: If you like Park Lane Escorts so much, why haven’t you let us know yet?


Check out our new VIP escorts

We would very much like to be a “Proven Expert” in the field of escorting here in London. Most of you already know that we are indeed experts when it comes to presenting some of the finest girls in the world. We have even opened a new gallery for VIP London escorts, just for all your high flyers out there who don’t mind spending top money for a top experience.


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