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5ft 7
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Eye Colour:
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Rate Incall Outcall
1 Hour £600.00 £600.00
2 Hours £1000.00 £1000.00
3 Hours £1400.00 £1400.00
Overnight £3000.00 £3000.00

About Sophi

Sophi is one of the sultriest looking, young London escorts we’ve seen in a long time. She oozes sensuality, from head to toe. Just take a look at that unspoiled face, fresh, youthful, flawless! Everything about this young woman is stunning to last. Her face, her log brunette hair, her amazing figure, and to top it all off, a dazzling personality. You should know by now that Park Lane Escorts only ever represent the very best, and this is surely a fine example of “the best!”

So, from perfect boobs, bottom and legs etc. to the type of personality that could sell snow to the Inuits of northern Canada! That’s right, she’s got charisma, and comes so naturally to her that she doesn’t even realise it herself sometimes. We like this quality about Sophi, not least because it doesn’t allow her to become too overly confident in her ability to charm the pants off you. She maintains that degree of humility that is sometimes quite rare in a woman so beautiful. She is used to getting a lot of attention, yet she’s still flattered by it, and it’s this innocence that endears her to many of her regular clients and all of her friends. When we first met Sophi, to be perfectly honest with you she could have asked for the earth and we’d have done our best to get it for her. For a London escort to have this sort of power over people, they need to have the humility of Sophi; trust us, we know!

She always looks her best, she always likes to smell nice, and she’s always prompt to an outcall. Three of her favourite things to say about herself there. You will find that Sophi takes her escorting career very seriously indeed and she’s always happy to meet new people whenever the opportunity arises. This lovely high class London escort has an incall apartment in Marylebone, and she is also happy to come visit you in your home or hotel. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll do the rest!

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