High class London escorts and Coronavirus

Escorts and Coronavirus

There’s a lot of concern sweeping the country at the moment, and London in particular has become concerning. People are frightened and they are taking all the steps necessary to slow the spread of this inevitable virus. Those who work in the escort business are no different, and those who use escort services in London are the same. But there is some peace of mind to be had in the thought that the very best escorts are not putting their own health, or the health of anyone else at risk.

Well, they’re no better than anyone else of course, but we’re not talking about curing it, or even alleviating symptoms and avoiding the spread. We’re talking about how the high end girls are more responsible than some of the lesser concerned ladies in London at the moment. A high class London escort depends on her career and she would never jeopardise that.

Coronavirus and escort precautions

Because a highly professional escort values her career so highly, she’s not stupid. If she has any concerns at all, she will retreat now in order to work another day. There is little point in continuing to work and risk the spread of infection. Some clients are much older, and they need to know that the girls they want to continue booking do not pose a threat to them. A truly professional high class London escort realises this.

The reality of the situation

The reality of the situation is that agencies like Park Lane Escorts, and many others, will certainly suffer financially as a result of the Coronavirus. But we are sensible enough to know that things like this are temporary, even if they last a long time. We hope that things will resolve themselves quickly and with as little impact on health and business in the UK as possible. But these things are hard to predict.

Just so you know that we are still here, answering you calls as always. We are getting less calls, but we still get some. Many of you know that Coronavirus will not be fatal to you, and you are capable of isolating yourself from vulnerable individuals, should you become unlucky enough to display symptoms. We want you to know that we are working with the best in the business, and it’s highly unlikely that any available girl at Park Lane Escorts actually has this virus, and is knowingly working. They’re much too smart for that, and we do all we can to monitor what’s going on.

Advice for escort hobbyists

Our advice to you would be carry on as you see fit. It’s not our duty to tell you what to do, it’s the governments. And even then it’s up to you to decide whether to follow those guidelines. All we can say is that you should never go and see an escort if you feel as though you have Coronavirus symptoms, that would be unacceptable. And if you are concerned about catching this from one of the girls, there is nothing else we can do to put your mind at ease. If you think you are at risk, simply don’t book. The girls will be here when this blows over, and you can always save up for that extra special booking instead!

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