How Covid-19 has effected the London Escort Community

London escorts and a Global Pandemic

The truth of the matter is that it has made business suffer, for everyone, not just us. But this was inevitable when you consider what has happened. Global pandemics will have a way of disrupting business, no matter what area you are in. Our thoughts are with all those in the hospitality sector, entertainment venues and so on. Not being able to go the theatre has been just one of the many sacrifices people have been forced to make, but few really understand the gravity of the situation on those in the theatre profession.

As an escort agency, we have seen significantly fewer bookings. Obviously we didn’t see any at all during the lockdown. As lockdown has eased, bookings have been very slow to come back. Confidence has been low. With the way that the pandemic has been handled from the beginning, it’s not a surprise. People are genuinely frightened.

However, since the government seem to have gotten a better handle on things regarding the easing of restrictions, confidence has begun to grow. Local lockdowns have helped. People know that local measures are not being taken, and London is doing better than most other parts of the country. It seems that Londoners have been able to stick to the restrictions more than those in the north of England. Either way, with the local lockdowns and restrictions, it seems we are going to start winning the fight.

Dating as we know it over

In today’s climate it’s pretty hard to get too involved in dating and things like that. What exactly can you do? It’s not as though you can go to the theatre, or on a night out to the casino or anywhere like that. You have to settle for romantic walks and pre-booked dinner at certain restaurants. It’s not loads of fun, and then there’s the added anxieties that go along with meeting people at the moment. Arguably the best thing to do would be to book an escort in London for a brief encounter and not even bother to try and get to know a woman. At least that way it’s just the two of you and you can dive straight into a meeting of more intimacy for a limited time. An hour or two in the company of one of those lovely ladies will be enough to satiate anyone’s desire for human interaction.

We do not condone contact

Please remember that an “intimate” encounter does not necessarily mean contact. An interaction doesn’t have to be close either. We feel the need to explain our situation as an escort agency. We’re not in the habit of going against government guidelines, but we too have a business to run that we struggle to fit into a category. Hairdressers and masseuses are allowed contact in a way, and those bookings are going ahead, so you are clearly allowed in the same room as an escort. Whether or not you want to do anything else with each other is up to the two of you. You are both consenting adults and no the circumstances under which you are meeting. You are more than capable of making an informed decision about what’s going to happen.

We operate as an introduction agency, and we are not telling anyone (girls or clients) what they must do when in the company of each other. You could spend the time sitting together conversing if you so wish. Have a drink and relax in each other’s company. The girls have decided to keep working and accepting bookings, and clients want to book them. We are facilitating that.

Cases of Corona Virus among escorts

We are happy to report that here at Park Lane Escorts, we have had no reports of Covid-19, or even any symptoms from the girls we represent. We realise some of them work with other agencies too, but we have still heard nothing about a girl becoming infected. We believe this is probably because clients are incredibly careful and do not want to infect the girls. The girls are clean and meticulous during bookings also. It kind of goes without saying that they realise their livelihoods depend on their carefulness. We appeal to all of you yet again when we ask that you do not book a girl from us, or any other agency, if you present with any symptoms of Covid-19.

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