How Lockdown has affected London escorts

Lockdown affects escorts

Like every business in the United Kingdom, and across the globe, Corona Virus has had a negative effect. London escorts have been particularly hard hit during this pandemic. Not only is their job clearly one that doesn’t allow for a great deal of social distancing measures, but they are also affected by a socially negative attitude towards them. It couldn’t get much more difficult than this could it? Just when you’re struggling to work and take care of yourself, you have judgement from others (usually those that are ill informed).

Because these women choose to sell companionship services to gentlemen in London, many people don’t actually care about them. These people still consider what London escorts do to be illegal, which of course it is not. Most of them are more than likely just jealous because escorts are incredibly liberated individuals and they enjoy their careers immensely.

Negative attitude impact

The problem with these attitudes towards escorts is that some girls allow them to affect their lives. They are unlikely to attempt to get help from the UK government during times like this, and they believe that they will be looked down upon, or otherwise deprioritised if they did. So, most of the girls don’t bother to even ask for help. Most are highly intelligent women, with sound business acumen, and they have made allowances for times like this, but not all of them. Some of the particularly young girls may not have money saved up. Some of them may not have been in the business for long enough anyway. There are lots of reasons why a girl wouldn’t seek help. Some fear that they will be sent out of the country for one reason or another.

Risk assessment

We mentioned in a previous article that most of the girls at Park Lane Escorts are high class girls. Mostly this means that they charge more for their services (for a myriad of other reasons too of course). Because they can charge more for their services, they do not have to do as many bookings to make enough money to live and pay their rents. One thing is for sure, if you are a Mayfair escort, your apartment rent is going to be quite high. As far as clients are concerned, if they want to book a girl who has seen less clients, then these escorts are probably the best bet.

But it’s not the same for cheaper girls of course. All the escorts in London have to do their own type of risk assessment when it comes to balancing what they need to do, and what they feel comfortable doing. We are however, happy to report that we have not heard of any cases of Covid-19 from the girls we represent. We cannot guarantee that this will remain the case of course, but it does go to show that two people meeting in their home does not spell disaster if those two people have been careful. Put it this way, these two people are much less likely to cause a problem to anyone, than the thousands protesting in the streets of London at the moment.

Confident to return to work

The girls you see as available in our gallery have all confirmed that they are capable and willing to work. Mostly all of them have their own apartments, and we are told that they keep them meticulously clean between their bookings.

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