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How to have a successful Affair

We know there are people out there who think having an affair is exciting, and maybe they’re right. But if you’ve never been married or had a serious relationship before, we have some news for you: An affair isn’t always worth the risk. It’s not something that should be taken lightly or used, as a way to get back at your partner. There are consequences beyond just getting caught, including divorce proceedings that can ruin your life forever. So, if you’re thinking about having an affair because it seems like fun or exciting (or both), here are some things to keep in mind.

Let’s keep in mind also that when we refer to “having an affair,” we are talking about an actual relationship of sorts, that lasts for a significant amount of time.

If you’re married, don’t sleep with another married person

Since we’re talking about affairs, allow us to start with a quick disclaimer: If you are married, don’t sleep with another married person.

No matter how much he or she wants to. No matter how much you want to either. And no matter what they say about love and loyalty and whatever else it is that makes all idiots when we fall in love (or lust). Even if your husband/wife doesn’t know what the word fidelity means anymore and has already cheated on you.

An affair is not the place to exact revenge on someone who has wronged you. Every time a person leaves their spouse for another person, it’s easy for them to make themselves feel better by imagining how hurt their ex will be when they find out. It’s even more tempting if the cheating partner has been cheated on before and feels like they were treated unfairly in the process (or maybe even deservedly). The problem with using an affair as a way of getting back at your partner is that you’re essentially telling yourself that what happened between the two of them wasn’t enough; now they must pay again through their loss of trust and respect, which can have serious consequences on any future relationship between them both. You also don’t want to use an affair as punishment for something else, like ending up alone after 30 years with someone just because they didn’t like going camping once every summer when they had kids in high school!

Be on the same page

Before you begin your fling, it’s important to be clear about what you want from the relationship and how long it will last. It’s also crucial that you’re both on the same page about what you’re willing to give, and what is off limits. If one of you wants something more serious than the other (or one of you doesn’t want anything at all), then having an affair can be disastrous. Ask yourself:

  • Do I want a serious relationship?
  • Do I have any expectations of where this might go?
  • Am I willing to compromise for this to work?

Don’t have an affair with someone who knows your partner

Why should you avoid having an affair with someone who knows your partner? Because the risk of being caught is too high. Not only can they tell your partner, but they could also sell the story to a tabloid or blackmail you if they want to get something out of you. The fact that this person might be trustworthy is secondary; it’s still a gamble!

Facebook and other social media!

One of the most important things you can do is double check that you’re not Facebook friends with anyone who knows your partner. That person might be a friend of a friend, or even just someone who knows them casually through a mutual acquaintance. If you’re in their social media circle, they could see all kinds of incriminating evidence; like photos from last year’s golf trip to Pebble Beach and an exchange about how much fun it was.

Don’t forget to triple-check your privacy settings too. If your partner has “friends only” for public posts on Instagram, make sure yours are set to “friends only.” In fact, go ahead and change all your posts so that only people who are connected with you can see them (and then change those settings back right before bedtime).

If you’re on Facebook, don’t post about the fact that your partner is boring or annoying. (This applies to any social media platform.) Don’t include photos of them looking like a fool in public, or worse yet: pictures of them sleeping. You might think it would be funny for your secret lover to see these things, but trust us, they won’t find it as funny as you do!

Don’t use the same credit card for everything

Don’t use the same credit card for everything, because it’ll make it easier for someone to find out where you’ve been or are going. If you’re anything like most people, your entire life is on a spreadsheet. You don’t want anyone to know what’s in that spreadsheet; and if they do, you want them to have as little information as possible. So, when it comes time to book your hotel room and reserve your rental car, don’t use the same credit card (or debit card) that’s linked to your bank account and used every day. Instead, get a new one with no rewards program and no annual fee; this way there won’t be any red flags if someone tries looking through all their transactions at once.

Marriages survive affairs, but few can survive divorce

If something goes wrong and you get into legal trouble, remember that many marriages can survive affairs, but few can survive divorce proceedings. Divorce proceedings are expensive, time consuming and emotionally draining; and that’s just for the people in them. They involve lawyers charging astronomical fees to fight over property rights and child custody issues. They require extensive time away from work as you attend court hearings, and they leave a lasting scar on your credit rating for years after everything has been resolved (if ever).

You may be thinking, “I could never have an affair. I’m married.” Well, if you’re married and having that thought, it’s time to stop and consider what an affair actually is.

A lot of people think having an affair means getting caught; and that’s definitely the case from time to time. But in other cases, people have affairs for years before their spouses ever find out about them. So, let’s say you’re having an emotional affair with someone at work (or maybe even online) and your wife or husband never finds out about it because he or she is too busy working late or traveling abroad for work themselves. You both go on with life as usual until one day when they decide they want out of the marriage but are too proud to admit it was their fault all along! Now suddenly there’s a divorce on the table; a divorce that could easily cost thousands in legal fees and result in years spent fighting over custody arrangements for children who were perfectly happy living with both parents during this whole process…

Brief Encounters and Best

If you’re looking to cheat, do your research and don’t be an idiot. But if you already are an idiot, just remember that we all make mistakes. It’s not worth ruining a marriage over if you don’t want it to end in divorce.

If you are dissatisfied in your marriage, it’s worth remembering that you can alleviate your stresses and strains by booking a London escort, or an escort anywhere else in the world of course. An escort gives you the ultimate anonymity, and if you follow the ideas and guidance you have read so far, there would never be any reason for anyone to find out. It may not be the emotional engagement you are looking for, but it can certainly help. And it’s not entirely unheard of for a client to develop a meaningful relationship with an escort on a professional level. Many clients see the same girls all the time when they get the chance. The escorts remember their clients, and as long as it remains professional, there’s still barely any chance of discovery.

Escort Professionalism

Escorts (particularly the girls we represent) are incredibly professional and discreet. They don’t want to cause any upset or disrupt any marriages, because they are busy and have their own lives. Many of them are only here in the UK for short visits anyway, before they go back home for a while. The good ones always come back however. And this is mainly because of what we just mentioned. They develop good relationships with some of their clients and know that they can re-establish these relationships when they return to London.

Our advice would be to check out the girlfriend experience escorts. These are the ones that are most likely to give you the emotional connections you are looking for.


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