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We know that many of you travel the world, either for work or pleasure (or both), so we wanted to remind you that we have escorts available internationally right here at Park Lane Escorts. Our international escorts are mainly available in their current locations, but they are also available to travel to other destinations. You’ve heard of “fly me to you” before, yes? Well this is similar to that. You will find that these girls are always happy to come to your location, wherever you are (within reason), but only if you’re going to pay for their travel arrangements. Shouldn’t be too much trouble for a man like you should it?

We know one thing for sure. If you are prepared to fly a beautiful young model to your location anywhere else on the globe, that shows a level of dedication and desire above all other clients. And your chosen escort will recognise this. No doubt her level of appreciation will be quite high when the two of you finally meet!

Girls in Exclusive Locations

We are very happy to report that we have some very loyal, very talented London escorts, and many of these girls tend to travel around the world. When they are not here in London, they may well be still working, but just elsewhere. Most of the time, if the girls are out of the UK, they are not strictly working. But they allow their preferred agencies to contact them with extra special clients who happen to be in the same location as them. For example, we sometimes have escorts in Monaco available. And we know what a hot spot that is for you guys during the sunny weather. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your favourite agency able to hook you up with a beautiful girl whilst you’re over there. No hassle of involving foreign agencies or risking an independent booking with a girl.

The same can be said for escorts in Dubai, Mykonos, New York City, or even Moscow (where you will mostly find Russian escorts who are currently not in London). Basically, wherever the girls go, if they want us to continue representing them in their country of residence at the time, we are happy to do this. Clients looking to book girls in other major cities around the world is not as rare as you might first think. There’s a lot to be said for dealing with your regular, friendly, British owned and operated escort agency. Park Lane Escorts has a customer service that’s envied all over the world.

Travel Companions

It may interest some of you to learn that we also have many travel escort companions from Park Lane. These may not all be international girls, they may be right here in London. These are the girls you want to book when you don’t want to travel alone. A charming and beautiful woman to keep you company on the plane, or wherever you are going. These girls are tremendously talented and experienced, and they’ve already been around the world, so they are well used to travelling.

So, you see, you can’t possibly escape the wonders of our escort girls. It doesn’t matter whereabouts you are in the world, you are never far away from an amazing escort experience.

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