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Mayfair escorts have long been known to be the best in London. The Mayfair girls you see on this page all live in and around the area, and they are verifiably the best in the business. Everything that you have heard about these high class Mayfair escorts is true. If you want a dinner companion, choose an escort in Mayfair. If you want an overnight escorting booking, choose an outcall Mayfair escort to your hotel. They’re as professional as they are beautiful. Stylish, elegant, sophisticated and confident elite model escorts simply cannot be found anywhere else in London. And always use a specialist London Mayfair escort agency. We have been representing escorts in Mayfair, West London and Central London for over a decade and know what we're doing.

Welcome to Mayfair

And here’s why our young ladies in Mayfair are so very fond of this prestigious and affluent area. Mayfair is widely known to be the unofficial capital of wealth here in London. Along with Knightsbridge of course. Both areas boast some of the most beautiful and expensive properties in London. Here you will find the finest bars, clubs, restaurants and shopping boutiques in the city. Every fashion designer that is worth knowing about will be represented in Mayfair and Knightsbridge.

So it will come as little surprise to you to learn why our London Mayfair escorts like it so much here. And indeed why they choose to live here. It’s not a cheap place to live however, and this is why you will find that so many of our high class Mayfair escorts charge quite the premium price. It’s not all because of their exclusive location of course, it’s a lot more to do with the level of service they provide.

Escorts in Mayfair

Our escorts in Mayfair come from all over the world. We have British Mayfair escorts, yes, but we also have some beautiful European and Russian escorts in Mayfair. Brazilian Mayfair models, and even some visitors from across the pond in the US, or Asian girls like Japanese and Chinese Mayfair escorts. We pride ourselves on representing talented and professional companions from all over the globe.

They all share one thing in common however, no matter where they come from in the world. Regardless of their individual price, they are all elite high class Mayfair escorts. This goes for any girls from as little as £150-200 and those up to £800+. They will all undoubtedly offer different levels of service, but this doesn’t mean that they’re not classy Mayfair ladies in the least. You don’t have to be highly priced to have the sophistication required to be a good London escort.

What the high class girls love

When you find the best high class Mayfair escort London has to offer for you individually, you will soon discover just how much she loves her work and all it brings her. And you will realise that there could be no other place she would choose to reside than here. who loves her career, you can bet that she’ll be residing in Mayfair.

Here in Mayfair you will find some of the best restaurants in the city. You will find all the best, most exclusive and arguably expensive entertainment too. But if you are who we think you are, you’ll have a pretty penny or two put away for our Mayfair courtesans to play with. The Wolseley is a very nice place to dine. You may have already been here. If you have, you’ve made a very nice choice and can clearly afford the finer things in life. But dinner (or even breakfast and lunch) at The Wolseley is going to be much better with a stunning Elite escort from Mayfair by your side. Some stimulating conversation, some after dinner drinks and a little flirting perhaps? Sounds good doesn’t it?

Party like a Mayfair escort!

Mayfair high class escorts are also the perfect choice for those of you who like to spend the evening in the casinos, or bars and clubs. We know there are some of you playboy types out there. Perhaps even a few millionaires and billionaires out to fritter away some cash on a night of pure indulgence. You’re going to want a Mayfair escort who can handle this much attention and fun. You may also be interested in our late night escorts if you want to party all night long. Not all of them will be in Mayfair, but we’re betting that most are!

There are a few nice and quite popular choices when it comes to casinos. But we’re sure you already have your own favourites. The Palm Beach Casino or Les Ambassadeurs are both very nice places. You can be that guy that walks up to the blackjack table with a Mayfair Escort on his arm, so that everyone turns to look at her. Will your VIP Mayfair escort bring you good luck tonight? Only time will tell.

Limited clients for Mayfair escorts

It’s not as though these young ladies see that many clients either. Most of them with high rates are set deliberately high so they don’t need to. This allows them to be even more dedicated to the gentlemen who can afford to book them. It’s not unusual for Escorts in Mayfair to go out to the local boutiques to buy something pretty for a booking and to have her nails and hair done. Just like a regular date. Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs have stores here, among many others of course. It’s a good job you don’t have to wait for them to choose their outfit before you go out, isn’t it? That’s another advantage to booking an elite model escort from our Mayfair gallery.

Incall and outcall Mayfair escort services available

The choice is all yours gentlemen. It’s worth noting here that all the girls are available for both incall and outcall Mayfair escort bookings. Be sure to have all the details ready for us if you’re booking an outcall service, it will save time. Before you call to book your young lady, it’s also a good idea to choose more than one from our gallery. Even if you have to look at our gallery of Knightsbridge escorts nearby too. This way you will always have a second or third choice if the girl you want isn’t available. It will save a lot of time and you having to go back and browse. We will do all we can to set up the date you want with the girl you want, but it’s always good to have choices. Remember that we are a West London escort agency, and we have been around for a long time. So we know what we're talking about.

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