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Welcome the Brazilian Girls

We have always had Brazilian escort girls here in London, but never quite so many as now. What has happened? Is there a delicate shift in girl nationalities here in London? Why are they all coming here? Well, to be honest, there isn’t really one answer to these questions. But the fact remains, there are plenty to choose from these days. And now that there are more and more Brazilians in London, Park Lane Escorts have started to get a few of the higher end examples.

As you know, we have escorts for £200 and even £150 sometimes, but we are predominantly a high end agency. We cater mostly for girls who want to charge in excess of £600 an hour. This is why we are probably not as busy as many of the other escort agencies in London. But it does mean we have the very best choice of high end girls. And for those of you who have booked with us before, you will know what we’re talking about when we say “high end!” And why would be bother to have London escorts for £1000 if they were not getting booked? They are, believe us, and they are booked by VIP clients, to whom money is not really a problem. If you’re going to have an escort experience, why not have the very best money can buy? Especially if you can afford it!

Brazilian Escort Girls

Right, whilst we’re talking prices, it has been widely known for a long time that Brazilian girls were predominantly less than £300 an hour. It didn’t matter where you went to book them, they were never that expensive. And you could go to cheaper agencies right now and find cheap Brazilian girls, but you would have to ask yourself what level of service you are likely to receive from these girls. We can tell you that it will not be anything close to the girls we have at Park Lane Escorts. This is not just a brag. If we could introduce you to some of our regular clients, they would tell you straight away that the level of service and excellence of the models at Park Lane, is leaps and bounds ahead of any cheap escort agency out there.

So the Brazilians you get with Park Lane are the best out of all the girls that are coming into the city at the moment. This sudden influx is the only reason why we have attracted the high end girls among them. This says something about the girls to begin with really, when you think about it. When they are surrounded by Brazilians offering their services for a low price, it takes some confidence and courage to rank yourself above them. But you can trust their judgement gentlemen, early feedback for these Latina beauties is very good indeed. Some of our clients have even had their heads turned from their usual Russian escort favourites. And most of you will know that this is really saying something!

Brazilian women in general

Brazilian women in general are very appealable partners. Both sexually and for the long term if you have the stamina and the commitment. Not that the girls at our London escort agency are offering long term commitment promises of course! They make excellent wives and mothers. They are very nurturing, family women, honest and sincere in their relationships. Most of them can cook incredibly well, and they enjoy doing it too. They are passionate lovers, both emotionally and physically. When they give themselves to their lover, they expect their man to return the depth of their affection. Even booking one of them as an escort – a somewhat temporary girlfriend if you like – is an intensely passionate affair. They love to get to know their clients and what makes them tick. Brazilian women have a passion for life as well as sex and relationships, so you can expect an energetic and enthusiastic partner for the duration of your booking. Friendly, cheerful and optimistic, there isn’t much that dampens the spirit of a South American woman.

Why not find out for yourself and book one of our available Brazilian escorts.

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