New Escorts for your New Year Wishes

New Escorts – New Year

Would it surprise you to learn that many clients like to book a new London escort at this time of the year? Well, they do. It’s a time of trying new things. It’s a time to launch headlong into the sea of liberty and try things you’ve never experienced before. And this is why it’s always nice to try a new girl. You’re lucky, because at Park Lane Escorts, we have just what you are looking for.

Our New Girls

When you browse our gallery of new girls, you will always get something you don’t get at other agencies. You will get the new girls. Sounds obvious we know, but other agencies seem to have a problem with this concept. Oftentimes you will find girls in their galleries that have been with the agency for quite a while. These are not new girls, they are not new to escorting, and they’re certainly not new to London.

We realise that when a client chooses to book a newcomer, they want someone fresh. They want a young lady who has perhaps just arrived, or one who is new to our little hobby. Girls who are fresh into the business often bring many qualities with them. They are often very eager to please, sometimes impressionable, and always very impressed with everything they find our lovely city. Taking one of these bright young things out to dinner, or for a few drinks somewhere fancy is always sure to be a winning tactic if you’re looking to impress.

Genuinely New

This is why we never really have loads of girls our new girl gallery. They will stay there for a short time, but as soon as we get more new escorts, they will be moved out. We don’t want to populate any of our galleries with ladies who do not belong there. It would be like having a girl with small boobs in our big boobs escort gallery. It just doesn’t work. Most of the time there will be three of four available in there. As you probably already know, we don’t make a habit of representing just anyone at Park Lane Escorts, we’re very choosy.

Feedback for the New Faces

It’s vitally important that you let us know how you get along with your date when you book from this gallery. It is highly likely that your date will have come to us already recommended, or by some other impressive means, but to know that she really is great on a date will really please us. You can submit your reviews on the website of course, these are always valued. However, if you really want to impress us, and do your date a favour in the process, it’s a good idea to review independently.

By this we mean submitting your comments on a website other than our own. This way your comments and feedback will gain more credibility with other clients. Some people don’t believe the feedback we get on our website for our girls. We understand why this is of course. There are too many agencies out there these days that really do take advantage of the reviews on their own site and they’ll just publish their own made up comments. We can tell you that this isn’t something we do, and whether you believe us or not is entirely up to you. But you see the problem right there, right? Just the fact that these comments could be called into question is enough to discredit them.

If you go along to an independent website like Punternet, Captain 69, or better still The Erotic Review, you will find that all the comments there are genuine and highly credible. These are left by regular clients for escort agencies across the world, not just in London and the UK. You may even find them helpful yourself. We are very keen to get some independent feedback on these websites, so if you could see your way clear, leave us a review on there.

Many thanks, and Happy New Year.

We sincerely wish you the best of times in 2020!

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