Now recruiting Mayfair escorts

Recruiting Mayfair Escorts

We’re looking for you if you fancy a career in the escorting business. But we’re not just looking for any London escorts, we’re looking for Mayfair escorts. And when it comes to escorts in this part of town, they really need to be good at what they do. This is obviously because the spend quality time with some of the richest and most powerful men in the city. Or actually, the most powerful in the world.

So this is what you have to look forward to. There’s no need to feel intimidated however. The clients we have at Park Lane are very kind, generous and entertaining. In fact they will do just as much to entertain you as you will be expected to do for them. Mayfair escorts can expect their dates to be all about mutual pleasure and attention. You may begin to believe that you are not actually on a booking.

What we look for in a high class Mayfair escort

Well, to begin with you have to be confident enough to deal with this attention and comfortable in reciprocating. Some young women can become overwhelmed with the whole experience. We need girls that know their worth and have no problem charging a premium fee for their time should they want to.

Escorts in Mayfair are characteristically more expensive than many other areas of London. Not all of them are of course. If you prefer to have many bookings you can choose a lower rate. It’s all relative really. In theory you could make as much money taking on three booking a day as you could doing one booking a day. Obviously if you are going to charge £600 an hour, you are drastically limiting yourself to only clients who can afford that. So for those of you who like very wealthy clients, this is probably the best choice for you.

If you would like to secure yourself more bookings in an attempt to guarantee a steady income, it’s best to lower your rate. £200 an hour will bring many more clients. It’s also worth noting that you will still attract the wealthy clients. And the best thing about this is that if you are impressing them enough, if you are only charging £200 an hour, you are likely to have them extend their time with you. We have had girls that charge this amount get booked for many hours before, so there is plenty of money there for those who really want to work hard. Well, it’s not really like working in many cases. It’s more like getting paid to have fun on demand.

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