Planning an escort date for after the lockdown

Dating escorts after lockdown

We must keep a positive attitude when it comes to the current Corona Virus pandemic here in the UK. This isn’t something that’s only affecting the UK of course, it’s global, and it’s a big problem, but we must rise above. Which is why we’re writing this little piece of encouragement to you out there, in the hope that you will stay strong and hold out for the time when you can feel confident and happy about visiting one of our lovely high class London ladies. So let’s think about that for a moment.

You’ve been away for a while, and you’ve missed the girls. Imagine that first meeting when you approach her flat door to ring the buzzer. The anticipation, your heart skipping the occasional beat (in a good way) and then when she invites you in and then inside her apartment, the familiar scent of a woman. The intoxicating perfume, perhaps some nice fresh flowers or some scented massage oils. Perhaps you’ll even plan to take some flowers with you? Remember, it’s not going to last forever, and no-one knows who you’re going to see. Look to the future gentlemen.

Plan your visit

If you’re in and around London already, it’s easy enough to plan an incall escort booking, but you may need to plan ahead if you’re travelling to London to stay over. When it’s business as usual (or as usual as it’s going to get in the near future), you may need to negotiate a place to stay. Not all hotels will be up and running at the same time we’re sure, and some will be better prepared than others. If you have regular places that you stay, obviously check in with them first, but you may need to book through a main booking website to find good rates and available hotel rooms and apartments.


The girls will be pleased to come and visit you in your hotel we’re sure. In fact we’re betting that they’ll be incredibly keen to get out to see their clients again. They are already missing the excitement of the whole London escort lifestyle. They’ll be missing the extra income too of course, and that’s all part of the lifestyle we’re talking about. London isn’t cheap, and the lockdown is hitting the girls hard in the pocket for sure. And by extension the escort agencies of course. But we’re remaining strong and ready for you when you want to book again.

Planning a special meeting

How about a lovely outcall dinner date with one of your favourite girls, or perhaps a new one? They’ll be plenty of new girls available we’re sure. The girls may not be storming into the capital at the moment, but you can bet that those Russian escorts will be coming in again as soon as they can. They love it here in London. The girls are going to want to celebrate the end of this thing with something special, and although any booking will be massively appreciated and very much enjoyed, something special would be even better. We can’t even be sure what restaurants will be open when this is all over, but we are certain you can find a good one. Or maybe just some room service!

Stay safe everyone, and look after yourselves!

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