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Lockdown hotels in London

There are going to be a lot of people coming to London when all the restrictions have been lifted. London is sorely in need of all that lost tourism revenue, as are we of course. But what has life been like for the hoteliers in London during the pandemic, and are they still around to welcome you back? There are still some hotels here and there open, but not nearly in the same quantity. Arguably the best place to look for hotels in London at the moment, would be on one of the hotel booking sites. There is not a great deal of lockdown hotel accommodation available, but there is some.

If you go to a Google search for hotels in a particular area, you may get inaccurate information about opening times. Not every business (including hotels) has updated their opening details on their Google business page, so you could end up trawling through loads of hotels before you find one that is open.

Is there any lockdown hotel accommodation?

We did a little search for you, to help save you a few minutes. And the hotels we have found, are usually comfortable with London escorts coming to stay with you. You don’t tell them that it’s an escort coming to stay of course, just that you are expecting a guest. These hotel staff have no idea of your relationship to whoever comes to stay in your room, no matter how long they stay, and it is not really any of their business to know anyway.

[Important Note: Hotel tolerance on visitors to rooms may be different during current restrictions. It is always best to ask about this when you make your booking, to avoid disappointment.]

Just a relatively quick browse of allows us to find a number of places that are currently taking bookings. We have only really included the ones that we know have been escort friendly hotels in the past. As with anything else, we cannot be held responsible if their policies and tolerances have changed since before the pandemic, or since the creation of this article.

  • The Chesterfield in Mayfair for around £200 a night
  • The Courthouse Hotel in Soho from around £250 a night
  • 45 Park Lane from the Dorchester Collection (Very high end!)
  • Flemings in Mayfair from around £300 a night
  • The Berkley from around £500 a night
  • The Four Seasons Park Lane between £500-600 a night

These are just a few choices, and they are all mostly between standard priced and expensive. They are not really the type of places you book for a night when you are coming into town specifically to see some escorts. Those are the cheaper options, and there are loads of these. Sadly, they are not all open at the moment. This is probably due to their size and inability to keep the covid restrictions and cleaning schedules that is asked of them now. But they will be open very soon we are sure.

Browse more companions

You will also notice that most of the hotels we listed are in the Mayfair and Knightsbridge areas of London. It might be worthwhile browsing our Mayfair escorts before you make your booking. And remember that even if you can’t get the girl of your dreams to your hotel room or apartment, you can always go and visit them in theirs.

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